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[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 1




So we are just ignoring the level 10 in rank 7?


Nobody wants to acknowledge that this tournament is broken beyond repair, that cheaters run rampant. People want to keep being disillusioned about the money they’re dumping into a broken game having some sort of actual value.


Lol is equal, you dont start whit items or you cant p2w the items, you must gain grindimg minions and depend of your skill you get advantage. A skill tournament they needed to make a diferent arena where all dinos are avalible at lvl 26 and you select your 4 everymatch. If not is a p2w vs cheat tournament


How I do I contact apple to get my money back, I don’t cheat, spoof or anything like that just getting sick of people in much higher leagues dropping trophies to destroy us smaller players. Don’t see why each tier has its own top 500. Not just one over the whole game


You can’t buy champions?
You can’t buy you runes faster if you pay (ip boost hello) ?
Doesn’t seem that equal to me. You have to work to get all of this or you can pay. Jwa is the same.

It’s the same you gain advantage if you pay (and of course)


At competitive level( i was diamond last time i played in season 3 or 4 i think xd) you had all runes and all champions when you reach max level or at least the important ones, you only can buy skins that is useless in game advantage. Thats why lol have mundial tournaments and competitive enviorement and this game will never have xd.
Even in pogo the p2w is minimal, you onlu can take advantage buying incubators or lures, but you must work for using they, and a hardcore grinding player can outlevel a p2w guy whit hardwork, in this game you only need to be milllionary in your bed and dont work for nothing cause incubators spam give you all you reach the best team, and a hardxore grinding cant out team nobody if he dont pay for coins anyway


except when you only level up the dinos on your team, you aren’t going to be a high level, but you will have high level dinos. :dizzy_face:


I have seen that player active at odd hours. The level 10 smells funny. Could be conceivable if they have a separate high level spoofer account that they get all their wins against.


If you collude with spoofers to get ‘free wins’ then it is possible you could be lvl 10 and top 10. They may have automated the battles (bots) to occur at times when they can almost guarantee a matchup.

Also, I think the name is a clear giveaway that they are trying to make Ludia look silly with their ‘half-ban’ by showing them they can still get top-10


How is this possible? Ludia should explain.


some of you come up with the craziest reasons for why you can’t win. in reality, you are probably just not good at the game, or your team isn’t good enough.


Dude, I’m not even close to top 500, I’m not the one dealing with spoofers. Tbh I don’t think I’ve ever played against one so far, so I don’t have the need to come up with excuses for anything. But you just gotta admit that a level 10 currently sitting on rank 7 and still increasing his/her trophy count while we speak is suspicious af. This person not only leveled up the dinos currently showing on his team, but also the strong ones he/she supposedly used to get to rank 7. I have a team similar to that one, and I’m almost level 11 and I’ve been stuck on the 3300 for the past month. And I haven’t really leveled up that many dinos other than the ones I’m using.

It’s becoming more and more obvious, at least to me, that spoofing might not be the only problem among the player base. It’s more and more clear that a level 10 arriving to the top 10 in a tournament full of level 20 with insanely powerful dinos didn’t get there in a legal manner, and maybe simply won match after match by cheating in ways that a lot of people in the forums (including you I believe) don’t seem capable of accepting.

Now, the scariest part of it all is that I’m starting to believe that all this non-believers might just be cheaters themselves, just blindly denying what should be absolutely obvious by now.


Previous post got hidden, so I’ll try to be short.
A level 10 among a top 10 full of max level players with insanely strong teams doesn’t make sense. There’s no way around it, there’s no spoofing involved and I honestly don’t believe he is hiding a stronger team. I think that’s his team and with it he got to rank 7. Victory after victory against strongest players. How, if not cheating?

Now, with spoofing being obvious and dudes like this one on the top 10, why is it weird for you that people are starting to blame everything on cheaters? It’s becoming a very posible thing, so it makes sense that every bad rng suddenly translates as “game is full of cheaters”


Been saying they hacked battles weeks ago


I havent had my I rex in my lineup over 12 battles (that’s just when I started counting). I’ve also been dodged 7 times in a row by opposing I rexes. The irex is ruining my score right now.


people do it all the time, especially in clash royale. that way you are not advertising 24/7 what you are going to use against the people you are most likely going to play.


Dude, making a team like that AND a team strong enough to get to top 10 would give you a lot more xp than what a lv10 has.

Edit: I’m close to 11 and have a similar team, but not ANOTHER one to get myself to rank 7. And I’ve been focusing pretty much on the same dinos since I started playing.


Some people don’t want to question the integrity of the game, otherwise that money spent will have been a waste


They can always force a refund from google or apple because ludia is letting the cheats run rampant if this keeps up without a real banhammer for another month or 2 and rigged tournament I’ll prob call and get a huge amount back and go spend it on a game that actually wants people to keep playing!