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[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 1


Where do I find the leaderboard?



I found it after I asked. I felt like a big box of stupid. Thank you though for double tapping and making sure I was in the right place!


If this player level is 16 up, it’s possible they are hiding a stronger team.

Apparently, this player doesn’t have even Indoraptor for their level 19 Vraptor.

I’ve never kept record how much xp is required to level up to lv10. I remember it took me a day or two to get to that level. I do believe if they have another stronger team hidden, their level must be much higher than this.


I stopped battling late night…this is where I usually get my losing streaks. I think you have the majority of regular players asleep so you get the big spenders up late.


The same level 10 with a low level Dino team just climbed from rank 7 to rank 5 without losing a single fight and without switching teams, in a matter of minutes. Funny, isn’t it?


I thought that was obviously. At least only one way to did that.
You know people who cheat can still join the fight without leaderboard.
But still get the score from player when they lose the battle.
What gonna happen if you have main account and several cheats acc ?

I guess you know it now.


I’m getting a kick seeing a low-level player at rank 2. However, must piss off the guys with level 20 fully ranked epics if they really didn’t cheat


He is climbing up to the first rank soon !!!


It’s a good summary of this tournament !


Wow!! I am flabbergasted to see the Si**1234 guy climb to Rank:2.

To climb this high using fair means, he/she needs to do battles. Hasn’t anyone on this forum faced him? If yes, can someone share their experience. Even if they need to change the team during battle, we would have seen the real team some times on the leaderboard.

I am really happy for the guy if he is legit, but it is improbable to win with the top teams with a line up like this. One overpowered Stegodeus is enough to wipe out his entire team.


I faced most of the guys on top 50, faced also most of the top cheaters, i know what guy is when i faced a top spoofer xd but never faced that guy, days ago he was on my points or down of me and sudently he started to climbing whitout non stop xd


That’s why I think he is using some kind of bug/hack and gaining points by not facing real opponents. Again, this is just a hunch. But would love to hear from someone who really faced that player!


Never faced him either, but have faced all the others sometimes multiple times. I suspect there may have been dropped games that timed out that could be him/her. Ie. if they can see whi they are playing, they drop before the fame starts.

I have tried to be active at the same hours the player is climbing and never faced that player.


Correction: is rank 1 now


Congratulations! He/she is the 1st rank


WOW!! Number 1. That is quite an achievement. Looks like he upgraded his team and added another legendary meanwhile.

Seeing that none of the top rankers have faced him, it appears he is not really facing the correct opponents or something else. e.g.: He is stuck in Arena Lockdown even though his trophies have crossed the limit. And he is only facing other low level opponents.


He must be in the Ruins coz his trophies >4000

Trophy’s gain is interesting. 6274-6285-6307
It’s means that he always face with lower level opp ??


At no. 1, most opponents would be considered ‘lower level’ as the trophies gained are based on relative trophies and not opponent/creature levels.


I faced this one too a few days back around 37** trophies :face_with_raised_eyebrow: