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[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 1


He shot straight up the ladder a bit too fast, if you ask me. A level 10 (sorry, 11) player at #1? With legendaries? I’m level 10, and am struggling to get enough rex DNA to start fusing for Indominus.

It’s shocking that Ludia hasn’t just stopped the tournament and perma-banned every spoofer they allowed to continue ruining the game.


I get the feeling the new riser is alt account of previous no1


That’s insanely unfair to give the highest players that much. It’s an extreme advantage. I could understand maybe 500k coins and maybe 10k cash. This game is seriously messed up. You guys need to make a huge overhaul…


I broke the rules of forum about radicolus 1st thropy.


Dear Ludia its funny tournament :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


It’s a sillee tournament


Its like $500ish in prizes for 1st. You’re spending $10k to win easy. From ludias perspective it makes total sense


Ignore this post. Tired of scrolling down.


Took me a lot of hard work to get back to 4000 trophies again. Call me cheap, but I’m not gonna battle until the tournament ends! (And collect my Epic incubator :sweat_smile:)


Dear Ludia thanks for your quick response about cheater and spoofers in the Tournament. It’s makes my spend $ useful.


I disagree, I’ve spent money that I should be putting away for my new specialised wheelchair and got a great team and have played enough war games that I have strategy but when you dinosaurs are 18-20 and you are versing someone that are 23-26 no matter what you do you are stuffed, their attacks are hardcore and defence is ridiculous.


I thinks that’s what happening to me as people I’m vs are much higher trophy’s then me and their dinosaurs are ridiculous to even get a chance to beat


Keep spirits to enjoy the game eventhough often have or lose its just process to build best dinos ever.I often lose but I learn much of strategy to reach winner.keep enjoy


Same here man, I thought I was an alright player, but I just keep getting my ass handed to me. It’s so frustrating. I hover right under the 500 rankings, then just when I think I’m about to breakthrough, I have to fight dinos that are 5 levels higher than mine. I won’t go to sleep until I get another win, and I’ve just lost probably 10 in a row. Not even close. I want to keep playing this game, but it’s getting to the point that I’m considering deleting it just so I don’t get this angry. Yes, I’m aware I’m a bit too competitive, and that also I’m being a sore loser, but 10-15 losses in a row is not fun for anybody.


I feel ya. I have been very streaky. Last night I went up against a level 15 Trex who hit me with 2 criticals in a row to start off the match. I was down 2-0 before i even knew what hit me. I was able to battle back to 2-2 but i knew i stood little chance of winning.


I have ever got same situation,where my dino should first but the opponent strike first it’s radicolus situation.i think that weird battle🤔


Couldnt agree more what about rest of us i cant move from 2300 toward 2500 to high lvl i constantly got like guys with legendary dinos and its annoying


Same here! I keep getting thrown back to just below 2000!


Hope the next tournament is based on dino level and player level … i keep fighting against players that are 6 levels higher then me. No wonder I don’t get past the barrier of 3800.

I don’t complain about their level, but if everybody is in the same tournament and especially with these high rewards, the strong only get stronger and for us casual players there is no place in the tournament.


So what motive will there be to get stronger if you only fight your own level and gain any amount of trophies you want, lol?