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[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 1


That only applies if you stop hunting for dino DNA, don’t up your dino’s and just fight when there is a tournament. But even then you are fighting in your own class. The benefits from being in a lower ranked tournament should be less then in a higher one. Then it goes both ways you are rewarded in your own class (if you fight enough/good enough) and you still got the incentive to climb the ladder


At the start of this joke of a Tournament, I had 3505 points. As of right now, I’ve got 3577 because of the swarm of players with multiple legendaries and uniques. PHENOMENAL GAMING EXPERIENCE!!!


You’ve done well to have more points now than when it started .
Both myself and my wife are way down on what we had when it started .


Are you saying you are down from the reset amount or down from pre reset or you were below reset level and are down from that!

Just curious

In my case I was 4280 pre reset and am at 4021 lower than when I started but up by 500 from reset level

I was trying to reply to @Schtemty sorry @Asta I gotta start making the use of @ a regular thing :joy:


From reset, sorry. I had 3505 before reset and am struggling to hold around 3570-3600 points (at 3610 ATM).
I dropped to 3200 for a few days when everyone I was fighting had lvl 21+ dinos and the highest on my team was 17. I then started doing better once I got my first legendary (Stegodeus) and I’ve added two more to my team since.
Honestly, I can hold my own against people with higher level dinos than mine. I usually get a decent team comp and if RNG doesn’t screw with me I can normally out smart most people. Its hard for me to build up my team though since I work 11-12 hour shifts and don’t get much free time. I depend mostly on incubators I’ve won or strikes. I’ve been stuck in Sorna marshes for 2 months now too, and it’s bot helping much since I get the same dna over and over again.
I try though. Lol
Current team:


The tournament idea is stupid. The battle mechanics in the game are still messed up. The tournament rewards the players that are all ready powerful and in the top 500 of the game. It is not far to the players that will never be in the top 500. So the strong get stronger not far at all. Bad move Ludia


Guys, this happened also when the tournament was not seasonal. We climbed fast in the arenas, until Sorna Marshes, From here, you need to grind if you want fo go further. You need to invest your time to make your team to be from good to great (farming dna, doing strike events, hunting treasure chests…). and or your money. Read people here in the forum spending hours per day playing, and they deserve to be higher than me in the arena. They just don’t complain if they don’t see the weekly event dino they want, the drive to find them. To create legendary dinos, you will need 500 common dna per fuse, and we all know this should be a 10 fused dna of the legendary.

I don’t spend so much in the game, I play maybe 1 hour and half moving around. I just collect dinos while in range of my house, just fight in the arena if I need to fill an incubator’s slot, I don’t go out of my house at night to hit a chest or a dino (at least not anymore :sweat_smile: ). I am happy I am STILL in Sorna Marshes, the game is out since May, also people that joined the game now could fastly climb arena and beat me, if they could grind. So let’s take this as what it is. it is a GAME, that needs a lot of our resources in the upper tier arenas. For some people this is not a problem, so let them go further. The only thing Ludia needs to fix are the cheaters! Other players that honestly climb the arena, they deserve it.


I firmly agree with this! Only the stronger gets stronger! No help at all for the lower level people under the top 500!


I’m in the top 500 and the 100k coins I’ll get for winning won’t let me upgrade any of my top 5 dinos for even 1 level up if you count the ridiculous amount of fusion attempt costs it will take to get the DNA I need. The rewards will hardly make me “unbeatable”. Once your Dino’s get to 23+ in level, especially the legendary ones that many in this forum claim are OP, it costs a large amount of time every day to collect the components to improve them. And the guaranteed epic dna is only blue and as of now… she is not really useful. I’m not saying it doesn’t help, but unless you are ranked 1-10… the rewards are fairly meager and won’t allow everyone in the top 500 to instantly be top 500 for life. Everyone in the top will need to continue to play…a lot…to maintain their status, which is a good thing.

The coin rewards for 250-500 is only 4 days of playing… since the tournament is one month long, a majority of top ranked players get an additional 12% in coin accumulation. Considering the time they invest to play each day, it doesn’t seem to me that the rewards are overly generous.

Basically, most of the top players invest a lot of time and in some cases money into the game, which filters down to us all in the form of updates and new content. Casual and competitive players alike benefit from this since strike missions dish out basically 30k+ extra coins a week. In the exact same patch Ludia gave casual players strike events… and competitive players the tournament. Strike events in a month provide more advantages to players than all but the top handful of players in the tournament will get.


You’re trolling, right? You’re already getting so much stuff without any effort from strike towers and treasure chests.


Welcome to the real world. The rich also get richer. That’s the way it works


I will comment on your posts.
Don’t worry…


I must have missed something. Who are you again? Sorry, I can’t recall anyone who happens to be insignificant, usually. So if you’ll excuse me, i have better things to do than rise to your feeble attempt at a “threat”.

Anyways, back to boredom…


I have 3720 rank now just 2 days to closing tournament wanna I get 4001 thropy???:thinking::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::hugs:


Anyone else with 4000+ trophies avoiding the arena until the tournament is over? I’m at 4220, I thought I was close to top 500 but they keep going up and up. I’m staying put before I dig myself back to the marshes and miss out on an epic incubator.


Frankly, I’ve given up completely on the pvp. I’m now down to winning 1 in 15 battles, facing opponents who have far more advanced dinis that often I cannot even touch. It’s qay too frustrating and just goes to make this whole tournament idea an insult. Only the pay to win players have any chance at rewards that will boost them even higher, and the bulk of the players get nothing.


Seems that people around you have been progressing faster and that’s why you’re losing to them. Tank your rating and you’ll start winning more again, if that’s what’s important for you.

But please, enough with these lies that only p2w can get rewards. If you play for half an hour a day - sure, you won’t get there without paying. But there are plenty f2p players on the ranks, pretty high up too.


I play 2-5 hours a day, and no these are not lies. I have seen how the game tries to limit p2w some, but the whole structure of this tournament favors them so please get off of your soapbox pretending that isn’t so.
You say to tano my rating, well all of my loses haven’t done that yet.
So thanks for a rather useless and insulting response caused by your assumptions about me when you know absolutely nothing.


Then either you’ve been playing for a very short time or very ineffectively. Your situation suggests it’s the latter.

F2p players on the ranks directly contradict your lie, so trying to hold your ground on this only looks silly.


And you continue to run off with your assumptions, making yourself look stupid as they are wrong on every count.
I neither know, nor care, what your beef here is.
I’ve been playing since day 1.
And just where do you find who on the ranks id f2p?
Furthermore, finding some such on the board does not disprove what I said, so kindly back your claims up with provable facts, or keep quiet.