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[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 1


So there are f2p players on the leaderboard after all, but only p2w have a chance to get rewards (for which you can actually be well below the top 500)?


Please don’t disappear and do try to wiggle yourself out of this one, it’s rather entertaining for forum readers, myself included.


Once more the assertion by you, and nothing to back it up.
Have a good day


What @Larry_Widing is saying makes sense tho @Myp.

To be free to play and remain competitive enough to rank takes A LOT of time and commitment. Put that time difference into a decent job with a paying salary instead and I’m sure you’d have a nice chunk of change in your bank account.

I introduce to you the concepts of economic profit and opportunity cost. :hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass:

How would you like to pay?


What does a job have anything to do with it, lol?

You just said it’s possible (although requires some commitment), while he’s lying that it’s not. So…thanks for being on my side, I guess?


Now I am a liar, in addition to your previous comments insults.
Well, put up or shut. I have asked you directly, since you have claimed there are f2p players in the lists, where you get your data for that. You ignored that request.
Come on, back up your statement, because you have made several apsersions against me, all of them have been wrong.


Closed - topic has become derailed.



THANK YOU SO MUCH JWA LUDIA! i love the prize!:two_hearts:
done… received…


My score was in the 4000s and I received the gift in the mail. But I couldn’t open it then, so I planned to do so later. But when I just checked, it was gone. What happened?


I don’t receive any prize in my mail. Even my trophy is more than 4000 when the Tournament ended. Is this a mistake, Ludia? Or I should wait longer and patiently for the prize, Ludia?


Got mine. Contained a bunch of stuff required for hybrids, but nothing I’m going to be using immediately. 500 Blue DNA was nice, maybe if I get her high enough she’ll find her way back on my team. We’ll see.


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Me too. The gift was gone from my mail box. My ID: onefish 7353


Omg after the purges looks like I made the top 10!!! 2000 blue DNA 214000 coins 5200 hard cash and the epic incubator. Ludia I love you so much right now thank you!!!


Got my prize too and really appreciate the top 50 getting better rewards. I never made top 10 but I did make top 20. But with the amount of spoofers in the tournament most people gave up pushing to climb and just had to sit on their rank. I ended up 47th which is much better than what I expected.

The tournament, apart from spoofers, was loads of fun and with the changes you have made the next one should be much better! :v:


This does irritate me a little. I spent half the tournament in the top 50. When I realized that the reward differential was 500 blue dna between 11-50, 51-100, 101-250, I decided I would be fine finishing top 100 and leave it at that. I stopped battling at rank 75 specifically because of the rewards we were informed about.

Changing the top 50 to get those rewards absolutely would have made me push to get into that tier. I mean whatever, it is what it is. But that’s pretty frustrating. We made decisions based on the goalposts set. It’s likely I would have spent money or spent time grinding if I realized the top 50 reward would be pushed.


100% agree with everything you said


Same 101010

EDIT: Just got mine, thanks!! :smiley:


Hey DPG members, we are aware that there was an issue with the tournament rewards today but everything should be resolved now. Our team member, Jorge, made an announcement here addressing the issue: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Tournament Rewards Ruckus


Yep, the top 3 seems legit :joy:


I don’t get the reward yet :sob::sob: