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[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 1


had i known that 4000 points would have given me a reward is have done a couple extra battles. I thought it was only going to be the leaderboard people. I ended with 3986. My husband had one day over 4k and he got it and I feel cheated.


I still havent got anything


Lol, what. On the tournament announcement they literally stated that if you made it over 4k, the reward was going to he the epic incubator with blue dna…


Yeah, as @MikeIsaak stated, that was made known from day 1. It’s always important to read announcements carefully.


I still don’t get the reward :sob::sob:


When new tournament will to come…


I still have no clue how to even be a part of the tournament?


Unless you’re a flagged cheater/spoofer you are automatically apart of the tournament. I really wish it were an optional thing so that we didn’t HAVE to participate if we didn’t want to


Yeah that’s the worst though. I mean it should never have been an issue with “Other -:artificial_satellite:GPS/:world_map:MAPS/AR/MR - Based Games” previously been able to detect and manage these type of “Cheaters”

*(forgive me for mentioning Pokémon Go)

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