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[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 1


So it’s absolutely normal for a game to shut down more than half of its player base for “a couple of days”? Right.


It was my understanding that those who didn’t self-report were banned from the game entirely. And that would leave them starting over again with no refund of money spent in game.


Nope, not at all apparently.


It was just a 24 hour ban, and no reset. The “punishment” is no ranking in the tournament. But they are still there whomping legit players and causing lost trophies. They don’t rank, but they do interfere significantly.


He’s 5th on the leaderboard now… want to laugh and cry :upside_down_face:


I mean I hate spoofing/hackers ruining this game… But the name is quality :joy: Face palm moment for Ludia.


Honestly I just find it all hilarious cause getting angry is just such a waste of time :relieved:


The search engine of the opponent is a disaster, does not make a good balance, I had more than 3800 trophies and now I go in 3400 because the balance is really bad, they should improve that aspect, because I never saw it as badly done as in this last update … regards.


Very much in agreement with you, it is a disaster like they did the tournament, I expected more balance but this is frankly a mockery … LUDIA is ruining one of what could have been the best game in history …


This tournament is a complete fail!
You put the spoofers and money players down where they can crush and annoy smaller players between 3000-3500. top 500? The only way to get there is to be millionaires or spoof since the start of the game. And you make them even stronger. Sorry but very small minded idea this tournament. No one can tell me, that the high ranks reach there without having a full rooster of Dino’s from the beta time which wasn’t reseted (very bad idea) or let a bot collect them.


I had around 3700 points, and went to 3500, as expected. I will wait 3 or 4 days until I go to the arenas again so the top players climb the ladder naturally and dont ruin my score.


yo are like the Dalai Lama of this forum :slight_smile:


Someone wasn’t very pleased with my response :smiley:


Made it back to 500 now this should start getting interesting…


was wondering where the line was. I was up to 3650… but slid again.


Pardon me I’ll have you know I still have all my own teeth :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Straight from google images that’s original :joy:


That’s ‘an german’ jeez if you’re gonna try and insult people at least make sure your memes are spelt correctly.


Yes, I usually blame the whole nation if I feel annoyed by someone. Some women simply can’t handle criticism ^^


I was going to point out that the tournament for all its faults is actually fun.

But this thread has gone all pvp.