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[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 1


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Well that was fun :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hahahha, totally dying to get back into this mess of a thread


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I feel a tournament based on most number of wins would be better rather than how many trophies you have. But this also leads to the problem of high levels dropping and getting more wins etc. so unless a loss is a minus point I feel that’s one way to make it even for everyone not just the high levels. Right now this is just make the higher levels even higher. 1,000,000 coins to the highest ranking player is a bit of a boost for someone already so far up.


How fare is that just had a battle with someone who had level 26 dinosaurs didn’t even kill one good job on the tournament should of just left the trophies the way the were and let the top people battle because us lower levels never had a chance


Cant believe there is so much whining after official launch of tourney.

Get this in your head peeps,
1.) You are playing a Pay-To-Win AR Game.
2.) Free users/Non spoofers, are just playing it as a hobby for collection, not competitive

3.) For all other reasons, to win top 3, you need to be rich enough to buy alot of premium incubators.

Nothing is free here, aint no thing dropping from the sky. I hope that clears your minds.


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Buy 10 Premium Incubators and kick their ass back ^^


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10 premium incubators wouldnt be enough for most people the random DNA and needing 100s of thousands of coins to actually lvl dinos. Most people aren’t competitive we just collecting DNA from arena. Why we gotta battle l33t spoofers just for our daily incubators when they said they where gonna kick them. There’s allot to be annoyed with without going into the stealth Nerf’s like dilorano let people vent this is the place to do it. There wasn’t even an opt out option for tourney so collectors can avoid arena mayhem


It’s been a good day. Hopefully this is far enough to not slide out of the top 200 by tomorrow.


Exactly what happened to me. I forgot to level down below 3500 trophies, I was just over 3500 when the tournament started and now all I’m facing is level 19 and 20 Legendaries.


The thing is if all us casuals stopped playing, the game would die. So yea they still need to accomodate us as well.