[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 2


Hi @Migdad: There is still 10 days for the tournament to end. With the incubators you win from battle, the total DNA and coins would far supersede the prize for 4250 trophies.

Your team seems decent to hold up that trophy range. Focus on catching stegosaurus, apato to evolve your Stegodeus. Try leveling up more drinks from your team by hunting in those specific local zones. Don’t stop unless it’s the last couple of days.


really shouldn’t be worrying about an epic incubator. pretty sure 90% of the people that posted their season 1 prize got a bunch of junk. they are nerfed like crazy. you should expect koolasuchus and secondontosaurus as you’re epics. keep playing.


The first tournaments epic incubator was a HUGE hit or miss. Majority was trash (including my own… let me know if you ever want to trade for a bajillion secodontosaur DnA)

You’re better off losing half the matches from now until then and taking in continuous arena incubators … for example:

I got this from a regular 8-hour incubator. Much better than the cumulative secodonto and koolasuchus DNa I got from the last tournament


I suggest you to keep fighting in order to have a chance to reach 4.500 trophies to earn hard cash, and stop fighting when you fear the next battle will drop you below 4.250 trophies, cause in the epic incub that you will receive at 4.250 there are coins, beside DNA, and coins are always wellcome!


@torque @Hersh @CleverBoy @SaraCuriosa Thanks for yours best advice,I Continue the Tournament. Fortunately i got epic incubator as reward last battle



The joke about the battles is the lack of ability to designate Dinos. I either end up with all no armor low health damage dealers, or all tanks. There should be a way to Mark tanks and dps, then the random 4 get chosen 2 tanks/2 dps…

And fix bugs… I lost 49 trophy’s to an AI bot, Ludia acknowledged that it was an AI bot that brought out multiple of same dino, but wouldn’t do anything about the 49 trophies, even when my Max loss has been 29…


130 points down 5 losses in a row because the stupid game won’t give me even 1 of my tanks to eat damage…


I feel like the game always seems to pick the worst combo possible somehow. I’ve got dinos that nullify and do SS in my deck but does the game pick them? Nope! :joy:


I too just got 80 Monolophosaurus dna from the regular 8-hour incubator… stoked! :star_struck:


Well I gave up after going down 230 trophies on 10 straight losses… Not one time did I get my Stegodeus… It’s ridiculous!


That’s awesome!! What are you building with it ?


I have a level 27 Stegodeus and a level 25 IndoRaptor but I can count on one hand the number of times the game pick them for my deck.


Someone in the forum came out with a theory. I couldn’t recall who.
The theory says you win 50% and lose 50% of the time.
If you battle 10 times - lost 5 times and win 5, then, you’ll gain 5×27 medals but lost 5x30 medals.
How can we progess…?


I think there needs to be roles, damage and tank, and the battle picks either 2 tanks and 2 damage, or 1 tank and 3 damage. But either way it is crazy how little this is balanced…

And I am very slowly building Indo, got my raptor to 20 right before this week’s park Dinos, and caught 48 raptors at about 150-250 each one. Got enough to do 4 Indo tries (had to build up Indomonus some) and each time, 10… So I’m sitting at 40/250…


So 18 matches, 15 losses… And every time (13) that I had Tryostonix and used Ready to Crush and then Defense shattering rampage it wouldn’t critic… 13bl times in a row… 50% chance to crit! That’s worse than 50% to dodge and never dodges.


Lets to be my friends and chalange battle to improve our skill @Christopher
My id migdad#8668.


A-B-C-D brackets every bracket will have 3 Dinos(total 12),RNG choose one from each bracket to total 4

So you can put in each bracket 3 Dinos of the same style,so you will ever have something you want


That would be nice. I fell down to Sorna Marshes and every match I got my Stegodeus and won because I could eat some damage. Hit Jurassic Ruins and 1st match no Stegodeus and lost.


Today I Reach 45x1 I have won 3 last battle.
Yesterday I have lose 5x battle and drop 43xx.
I wait and see the progress of my other friends.
6 day until finish.


Just ran into another AI bot, kept refreshing his Stegodeus to keep using shield… Annoying as crap but I finally won, got 11 trophies… 11!