[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 2


At this point I’m willing to battle bots if it means I will actually get matched without having to keep waiting and timing out :joy:


Focusing on Monomimus now although I am in abit of a pickle on whether to bring Monostegotops to level 20. :thinking:


Do it! I love them both :heart_eyes:


I dont have mononimus yet :joy::joy:


Maxx my neighbor we are always within 10 ranks


I’ve been doing pretty bad tonight. And now I just got stuck in that countdown, which means I’m probably coming back to a loss when the game opens back up.


Countdown ? (Game froze ?)


That 2 minute countdown before the match. I restarted it after about 15 seconds and got lucky this time.


i guess the system has a cycle for players…

upside and downside…during your downside (which is your opponent’s upside), the system tend to weaken you and strengthen your opponent…so take a break and play later


Lol finally back in safe zone took me most of tourney to recover (got there first 3 days this round) officially starting the safe af chilling group. Who else is happy to chill on arena for some a tourney prizes for next few days?? :sunglasses:


Nice! What trophy/prize teir are you in?
I maxed at one 4800s about two weeks ago and then tumbled down to 4500. Not as high as I was before but close to it now. I think I’ll just chill here for a couple days :slight_smile:


Basic 4327 but not bad seeming how I scraped to 4k last time. I have almost unlocked every legendary now and working on my uniques so next tourney might be going proper hard at it!


My Dino of the tourney the ultimate raptor pyritator!!! With a bit of risky r2c play that guy eats teams!! Don’t get why everyone running utahsinoh stun sucks!


That’s great man!
Pyrritator is prettty beast
Especially with that speed to compliment its moveset… I think it may even be better than its unique


Don’t say that I’m just starting to fuse magna! lol oh well could always run both! More ap rampage for the win!!!


Haha, magna is great… lol dont get me wrong. Immunity and nullify and defense shattering!!
I’ just think it may be one of those uniques that needs to be leveled to get its HP a little higher … I want one too eventually but I barely see pyroraptor outside of events


He comes in a lot of the speed team incubators from strike events also living near a fire station that’s geotagged on Google Maps helps!!


Oh man! Lucky!
Haha, I’m in the middle of the biggest suburban cookie cutter community you can imagine … not a lot of interesting coordinates within walking distance :grimacing:


I dont have pyritator yetand minomimus too
But i stayed at 3522 now😅


Well dang… I finally, after many days of losing battle after battle, finally made it past 4250. So atleast I will get something. Then I look at the board to realize the top 3 are in the 25k-28k range… How in the hell does Ludia expect people to compete with that?! They either hack or spend thousands on the game… That’s just crazy!