[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 2


Dropped from 4920 to 4529. Not gonna give up. Gonna try to fight my way back to leaderboards.


Do monomimus. That thing level 18 mind you beat my indoraptor level 22, my monostego level 17 and one other thing I forgot what it was. I was so furious. But I always struggle against that dino


Hmm my Monomimus is 18, wonder if it was me, I’ve killed a few Indos and monostegos with it lol, it’s nifty! So when I hit my current trophy last night 4266 (which with my luck I’m not battling til after tourneys over) I got a 24 hr. Opened it tonight and got some trah commons, was hoping for some raptor, some Sincerstops and Ononasaurus, BUT I did get 15 Spinotasuchus DNA. 1st time from an epic but pretty cool, now I just need 5 more DNA to make it, if I can just find some blue Spinos!


I made it and am back to where I belong :smiley: well at least where I have been since last tournament ended. Now just have to try to stay there :see_no_evil:


It would be nice if those at 4250 and 4500 could get better cash and coin prizes to prepare for the next tourney. I just think it would be more fair since it does seem that the same players will always be in top. Just my thoughts.


Once tournament is over I will begin my ascent to Lockwood. I need a different battle background and Lockwood has such a nice sheen of gloomy beauty to it


Well I caved this morning, and battled to fill up my incubator slot and do my daily battle incubator. I won four or five straight, and got up to 44xx… Started up an eight-hour incubator, when it opened up this afternoon, I battled again and won… A freaking 15 min incubator… so I opened it up, went to battle again to fill its space just to drop back down to 4264 from several losses! 2 spots lower than I started this morning… that spot will just remain empty for the next two days and 15 hours…


You got this!!!


Thanks. All is good now but anything can happen, still I am quite confident I can make it.
Looks like you are also doing great at this tournament :muscle:


Thanks! So far so good. Not sure if i want to battle or not. I dont know if im high enough to finish top 500.

But man, the competition is fierce!


@User1 , @Calebrys & @Pateradactyl

The 4 of us have been playing yo-yo with the leaderboards these past few days! :joy:

It’s nice to see everyone made their way up higher than when we each decided to hit “pause”


You guys got this!!! Push push push :slight_smile:


:joy: I was gunna include you too @wrothgar but you haven’t been roller coastering it, you’ve just been going up up and away! :+1:t4::+1:t4::1st_place_medal:


Yeah, this is crazy. Also fun, but gotta admit I’m glad when it’s finally over :laughing:


I’m very tempted to battle to reach Lockwood but since I’m doing this for the arena and not trophies, maybe better for my stress level if I just wait and take my time. 5000 trophies shouldn’t be a problem, I just don’t like the stress of waiting and staring at my phone (to keep my screen from going to sleep and disconnecting the app) as it searches for opponents.


Haha i credit it to fixed rng and my new pet of course! I love my dilo!


I saw! Congrats!!


Thank you :smiley:


I need to add a little more green to my team… utarinex is the most reasonable addition but I’m in dire need for Draco

I really hope they announce more uniques tho!
We have quite a few legendaries that’d make for some pretty amazing super hybrids


Agreed! And best of luck!!