[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 2


I kind of hope they wait a bit before adding in new Uniques and hope the ingredient isn’t something that is stuck behind arena exclusives, still trying to save Magnapyritar here :joy_cat:


im sure by the end of tonight ill drop a few. i never go without filling my incubators but then again thats probably why i fall. so ill sit here for a little longer then get at it again.


I’m about to give up on Utarinex. It’s a pain-in-da-nex to fight and obviously for me to fuse too. 10, 10, 10 bloody 10!!! So much love!


To Ludia, there is only one thing I want to say at this time:

The tournaments last too long! Seasonal, to me, meant 4 times a year (LOL, like the seasons), but if it’s monthly it should last no more than 14 days. Please consider shortening the duration for the next one.

I think many players are exhausted and/or discouraged, afraid to battle so they don’t lose the minimum reward (epic incubator for 4,250 trophies). That’s taken a lot of the fun out of the arena.

I’m looking forward to the Halloween event but honestly can’t wait for the tournament to end.


Well said.


CSFharmonyMY is currently the leader with 32,412 trophies. He (or she?) was the winner last tournament and was rewarded beyond generously. It’s clear he/she was able to do more than enough to get their team ultra powerful. 4 of them are at the max, level 30. The others are very close behind. Since he/she started the tournament with 5,000 trophies 21 days ago, and each victory is worth 30 trophies, that means he/she has, as an average, fought and won about 45 battles every single day for the last 21 days of the tournament, earning about 1,305 trophies per day. That does NOT account for any losses! Does anyone else think that’s a little bit ridiculous? It’s not so much a tournament against that. It’s a massacre!


Anyone know what time tomorrow this is supposed to end?


19 hours and 16 minutes, according the tournament banner in news section of the app.

sorry, now it says 19 hours and 15 minutes.

get your s together, ludia.


I’m interested in seeing tiered tournaments like bronze tier, silver tier, gold tier etc where your (possibly a new implementation) guild’s level determines tournament tier.


10am EST. They had made a post since time earlier(from original time of 9am EST US).


I dont ubdrrstand why they dont base non leader boards rewards on your highest trophy count earned like in clash. If you earn 4500… you get regardless of you dropping… and poof people can keep playing without fear of losing their prize.


@Julien_Mayfair @torque

:joy: Soo I’ve been sitting still for a Day or two… still have been dropping in rank so I’m just trying to calculate if I drop at the current rate, how long do I have before I get unranked :nerd_face:

If only my high school algebra teacher could see me now! :sweat_smile:


All I did was make sure I was ahead of you. :astonished: You know, not having to faster than the bear point of view. That and some lucky RNG…



If @Hersh has an apple and is standing at the top of the Empire State Building, and drops the apple at the exact same moment a train leaves San Francisco for Washington DC, calculate the speed of a ghost passing through the 27th dimension on Feb 29, 4040.


Uhuuuuuu I got 4511 trophies after a long time trying.my deck is


:joy: depends… is there RNG Involved ? In which case if my phone freezes then I have to uninstall it’s OS every time it loses a signal :signal_strength:


In that case, your answer will be predicated around the speed of the sun rotating around the universal center while three entangled neutrinos pass through the sun on their way to Alpha Centari :joy:


You guys forgot about the possibility of gravitational interferences from nearby supermassive blackholes


The answer is 4.


Nono, Hersh was expected to calculate and compensate for all known and unknown gravitational disturbances along the way :grin: