[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 2


@Hersh We are waiting for an answer, don’t you keep us in suspense now. :laughing:


Bahaha… please don’t make me do math now :joy:

It’s gunna be a close call for me… I don’t mind getting only the 4750 prize instead of the top 500… I’ve been more scrupulous with my coins and cash lately so there’s no urgent need

Don’t get me wrong …Would still be nice to get that top 500 prize :grin:
especially as a “cheap2play” gamer


Among the teams at 4800… 4 Uniques in a team at 4800…:fearful:

My team of L24 - 28 belongs to arena 2…:rofl:


If two guys were carrying a canoe down the street and the wheels fell off, how many pancakes would it take to shingle a doghouse?


This was good and nerve wrecking tournament. Lost my nerves many times as some of you might have noticed whenever I was ranting about rng in different topics :see_no_evil:
Fate fell short this time and me being in top500 just wasn’t meant to be… again :smiley: It has something to do with lots of bad luck, me doing stupid decisions in some matches which cost me victories but I hope I at least learned my lesson, just not having that good dinos (should’ve fused indoraptor higher level rather than start creating trykosaurus which is infinity project for me), and facing better players. But most of all I just wasn’t good enough. I think I reached my peak and won’t be competitive in next tournament because of this freezing weather :smiley:


Hope you make it! It has been fun having this little competition with you (which you weren’t aware of course cause I didn’t tell you :wink: ) and comparing our trophies.


Just Wait until finish and collect special incubator


Haha thanks, You too! Lol, I hope all the familiar faces have a little star next to their name when the clock strikes 10.

I’m still on the edge of my seat though …with a couple hours left to go, who knows what can happen :man_shrugging:t4::joy:


Too many players in the ruins when they don’t belong there. Why are there so many teams of 25+ with such low scores? I don’t get it.


Teams will continue to improve. What was a good 4000 trophy team a month ago will be 3800 now. If you don’t continually improve your squad some one else will and your gonna drop.


Yep - running to stand still …


I kinda gave up. Had lots of bad luck. Last couple days I have dropped from 4800+ trophies to 4600ish couple times. Lost way too many times to evasive dinos who dodge everything and I don’t get any nullify dino on my deck :laughing:


Took me a while. Yeah this actually works on multiple levels. Could be the moto of the game really.


You tell yourself all you need is Monomimus to climb a couple of 100 trophies, then its Indoraptor … you get them but fail to climb and get frustrated because everyone around you has done it too - accepting it puts a lot of enjoyment back into the game :slight_smile:


I don’t know why but got some encouragement from this and fought my way to leaderboards :muscle: got super lucky against indoraptor’s evasives :scream_cat:


I just saw! That’s awesome man!! :trophy:


Gratz on grabbing your set and climbing back in! Hopefully you stay there. I’ve been watching you also, and was slightly disappointed when I saw you fall from grace. Come down here to Tampa with all the other snow birds, there are plenty of Dino’s for the both of us. :blush:



Cokie, somebody’s watching you!


Thanks. Tampa sounds way better place to hunt dinos than Finland. Maybe I should seriously consider moving there :joy:


Haha, someone really is watching me. I am just glad it’s not some shady guy in shadows at night :see_no_evil: