[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 2


100%. even the leader boards. who cares who has the best team at exactly 10:00 EST on 10/22/2018. it should be more about who was best over the entire 3 weeks. but then again, clash royale is probably the best mobile game ever. and ludia appears determined to copy it, but make it worse in every aspect, so we end up with JWA :roll_eyes:


Very well said… I’m totally in second the motion. it’s a competitive game. I have even purchased bucks $$$ here in order for me to level up. Even I hunt non stop all day still not enough to get certain dna’s. I know its frustrating sometimes that the incubators you bought and the dna you want its not suited on what dna you get. It’s how you strategize things and works on it as the game progresses. You have to do something for you to get what you want. It’s a supply and demand right?
So, THANK YOU Ludia for an amazing job you’re doing. I know you will have a lot of new things coming up, new updates, clearing bots/hackers, and thus, we are looking forward to witness it. I know all of you doin the best you could to give us an incredible journey.
You know we complain and shows our frustrations thats why there’s forum here to let you guys know what are the suggestions would be and improve it as well so that everyone is happy and contented… :handshake::ok_hand:!!!


is it going to take 5 days, or 6 days to get our tournament rewards this time :thinking:


Wohoo, I made it! Took ss with timestamp as proof. Propably they didn’t freeze leaderboards and this was all for nothing :joy:


season 1 i don’t think they actually froze them until like 2 days after they said they were going to


The answer is BLUE, because T-rex got their hands too short to reach anything.
Am I right?:t_rex:


Me, too. 128 Baryonyx dna and 200+ Postimetrodon, lots of Nunda and DimG2. It was meh


Really so long for tournament reward…?:thinking::disappointed_relieved:


Welp…once again about 200 trophies behind minimum reward. Imagine it’ll be 200 or more AGAIN on the 3rd tournament, too.


@Jorge when the Tournament incubator will send to my mailbox?finally i have 4528 rank at end of tournament. :thinking::heart_eyes:


This said that cheaters were no longer going to in the tournament with us, that they would have a separate leaderboard or something. But I have been battling hackers non stop for the past 4 weeks. And, my friend and I we used to spoof because we didn’t even know it was cheating until we saw the announcements, and we turned ourselves and we stopped, and thank God we didn’t get banned and we started playing fair. But now, both of our accounts have been banned. So, I need to know whats going on!! Because I just lost my game, and I’m really angry!


For the next tournament could there be a countdown timer somewhere in game? I wasn’t paying much attention to the tournament, but I was over 4500 at one point and probably would have held off from playing if I knew the end was so close.

I’m not complaining, because as I said I wasn’t really focused on ranking in the tourney, but if I knew I was so close to getting a better reward I might have committed more.


Your statement seems to be exaggerated(when you say you are battling non-stop) or, seems like your new accounts have also been flagged an therefore you might have been grouped with them. I have done hundreds of battles in this tournament and didn’t face a single cheater (flagged player with high trophies e.g.: 4800+ but not ranked).

Btw… how are you classifying/identifying hackers?


Did you ever playing pokemon go?Its same AR game who need walk around outside to collect sources.Its difficult because need a lot of times to collect multiple dinos for competitive. But I try to dont to be spoof like when I played Pokemon go as spoofing. I know rules same type AR.Fortunately i can play fair.maybe you must mail Ludia about yours account.


There was a countdown on the tournament item within on the news section but you did have to check it - would be nice to have a more prominent counter during the last 24 hours.


I don’t see why they can’t move the banner with the tournament info and stick it in arena screen


It would be a constant reminder to all those who hate the tournaments :rofl:


arena itself is a constant reminder of tourney fairly even matches around 4.3k but anyone below is already reminded every time they cue and have to battle lvl 21+ Indo raptor with their epics lol. Having all the info in the appropriate panel just makes sense to me but hey it’s ludias game and they can do it their way


So when do we get the rewards?


I have lost my mind about rewards just played as usually.Today treasure case just 2nd appears. 3rd and 4th didnt appear until finish.:thinking: