[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 2


Lol seriously? Another one? And with basically no change?

This is at best a month long hair pulling grind fest for the top players and a non factor for the other 95% of the player base. At worst it actually makes life worse for those who don’t want to participate. I’m all for competitiveness, but this isn’t even a tournament, it’s a pay to win punishment.

The top (paying) players get stuff they don’t even need, while the rest get 5x more matches to get an incubator. I know of no one who actually enjoys the Arena, it’s a necessary evil. Between similar level players, half the matches are just decided by luck.

A real tourney is determined by skill. How about we have a separate tourney from the arena, or different tourneys based on the arena tier one’s in with different level rewards? At least this way everyone can participate.

But I understand you just want to do minimal work for maximum profit. And why are cheaters permitted to play period?


Yes so unless proven it’s spreading a false information…

And do you really believe they would say anything about a game breaking bug ?
All I know is that there was a suspicious player in leaderboard at one point and he was not here anymore few days after…


I need more concave dna :frowning:


No you really don’t :joy:


If they can do some sort of lock on the levels or something. And rewards would be lesser obviously but at least something for participation, imo this would be better for Ludia than seeing lower level players not want to play the game. Idk it’s something to think about most of these comments are low level players comparing about not being able to participate which makes sense. I was frustrated not being able to get back to 4k and then 2 days after the tournament ends getting from 3800-4100 in 3 days


good thing i haven’t played a battle since the 1st tournament ended. only gonna lose 750 trophies. #1 is losing like 6,000 :sob:

also, looks like the target is just inside the top 250 again since the only difference in prizes from 11-250 is 1000 brachy DNA :confused:


Yes we do, can’t wait the day when conca gets hybrid :nerd_face: :heart: Hopefully it will be amazing


Yep, 11-50 should get a premium container or something. I literally just sat at rank 115 or whatever I was at for 24hrs to get my reward. There was nothing to gain from trying to battle up to sub 50 last tourney… and no reason this time either.


So how about a “smaller” tournament for those of us that couldn’t even make it to over 3k torphies last time? Now its 4k? Are the “newer” players just supposed to miss the first few tournaments and not reap any rewards at all? I mean not that I wanted any Brachi dna but… I am not the only one who feels left out, ivetalked to many other players who are struggling to get out of badlands and into lockdown… With all the updates and nerfing pur only useful dinos at such low levels, how are we ever going to progress?? Oh yeah right. I remember. You need to PAY. and not even just 10 bucks to get you a level higher, its like owing a bank money; YOU NEED TO PAY MORE AND MORE EAVH TIME TO THINK YOURE PROGRESSING. and then they need anything good AGAIN bevause people dpnt know how to swap out their dinos to properly defeat my Ankylocodon? The only dino that gobes me a SINGLE chance of staying in lockdown… Like common…


No thanks to the OTO and all the normal incubators :rofl: And yes, I leveled it by mistake twice :joy: When not paying attention and in a hurry, it’s thumbnail kind of looks like Blue.


Haha, you are good to go when eventually hybrid is added :+1:


They need to do some serious buffing on Concavenator first, poor thing has promising moves but damage and hp are terrible :laughing:


True, but as a completionist I am obsessed to collect them all


Finally, someone who really knows what is going on. You’re not wrong, not wrong in the least. This game is straight pay to win with zero chances of the bugs being fixed unless it affects their ability to con you out of your money.


All this is is another chance for the rich to get richer. I love this game but if we’re now doing tournaments every month I have to say I’m out. I already have no areas green drops spawn so I’ve got no chance of capitalizing on event dinos like many players. If there was simply a separate tab to battle in the tournament everything would be fine. It wouldn’t be basically mandatory.


Completionist here too! And that’s the only reason I level up in arenas, so I can get the exclusive dna :laughing:


Don’t forget about Gryposuchu, Koolasuchus and Spinoraptor Gen 2!


The tournament is just a one month slice of the current battle system pie and a marker for each individuals progress during that time frame. If you only want to battle to get your arena incubators the tournament does not affect you in any way. It will actually help you in two ways.

1: more people will be battling, increasing the variety of players you face and reducing matchup times for your battles.
2: as the serious players rise in ranks, your battles will become easier/fair because the highly competitive players will leave your current battle arena. They even made the reset less punishing to casual players by raising the reset cap by 500 trophies and introducing a tiered reset. (Basically I won’t go back to 3500 and get paired with people who stand zero chance)

If the game is fulfilling to you because you get to get outdoors and catch Dino’s, it’s irrelevant what the top players are doing, just do your thing and be happy :+1:t2:… you don’t need to be in the upper ladders of the tournament


Thanks for the love. I have paid mad attention to the leaderboard trend and noticed the phenomenon after their 1st season. Given that it was one month from now when it started, my present team can likely achieve top100 in that time(I was already rounding 120th with last month’s team status). Whereas now I find myself hardly to be around top500. Tournament serves like adrenaline straight upon people to get them whaling. Not saying I blame on people who spend money on this. But p2w aside, Ludia even turned a blind eye on cheaters, who are supposed to get some form of punishment under the principle of any other game. Ok, exploit as much as you want. But what has Ludia done with those money? Bugs fixed? Or did they improve their customers support? Oh right, another source of income aka season 2 coming up.


Completely agree with this post. I get the same issue with the fastest Dino marker, which influences my decision and it generally messes up. And being smashed with the same Dino in the incubators is a horrendous idea.