[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 2


Anyone who is just trying to cling to the minimum trophy amount for a prize doesn’t even deserve a prize. What other tournaments have you heard of that reward 500+ players? Prizes encourage competition. Of course the best players are gonna win and get even more than they already have. That’s kinda how it works, and they deserve it whether you agree or not. Without the first tournament, I would’ve never known that I had a top 50 team if I hadn’t pushed myself to get as much done as possible so I could compete with others that are trying to climb. I’ll be going for top 50 again this time, and I don’t care if the reward is barely different than top 100. This is what we’ve all been working toward whether you realize it or not. We hunt dinos so we can level them up and have the best team possible for battles. Why not show what you’ve got and come at it with guns blazing? Don’t just go for the minimum. You might be surprised at how high you can get.

  1. Slow down with the tournaments! We don’tneed one every month or even every other month. Give things a chance to settle.

  2. STOP RESETTING TROPHIES! This does absolutely NOTHING to level the playing field. In fact it does quite the opposite. All it is is an invitation for powerful players to pick on ones that stand no chance.


Strong logic!

There are issues with the game that need to be adressed to make the playing feild abit mlre fair though. It wouod also be nice to give those who don’t have a chance a consolation prize as it were.


Nah, I dart dinos so I can collect them all :rofl: I just want to save them :laughing:


Completely agree, we need more battle slots


I am also getting the issue with the faster Dino, I’m apparently the faster but they go first.
Has anyone else noticed the stunning effects are not working either, the whole point of that is to make the other player skip a turn but even that doesn’t work now.


I literally just made it to Jurassic Ruins for the first time just now and haven’t earned a single incubator yet but there is a way to opt out. It’s called tanking (losing on purpose).
I crept into the tournament last time and tried my hardest but fell short of 4000 :trophy: (but it was ok as I still got a prize). As I said Ive crept into the tournament again but am thinking I should drop all the way down to the badlands and get some Irritator / Monolophosaurus and Para DNA instead of just being the punching bag for everyone else for 3 weeks. It would be the smart thing to do to improve my team. I wonder how long it will take to loose 2000 :trophy:???
P.S I’m not actually against tournaments, I think they are a great idea and Ludia is doing a great job with the way they have set the rules.
I’m just realistic with what I can achieve.


I would tank but then I won’t get my Gallimimus dna :rofl:

I’m saving my 12 hour and 24 hour incubators for the first few days of the tournament. I hope that will help me avoid some beating :joy:


The Galli DNA will be there when you get back. Do you not need the other stuff too?


My Monomimus has been a real blessing in helping me survive battles and Gallimimus being incubator exclusive means I can only get them in Jurassic Ruins. For now I don’t really need anything else except for Irritator dna, but I can get that by being in Arena 8 too. I’ve been playing so hard the past month that I have 7 dinos left to collect, all of which are uniques

Edit to Add: Monomimus is a must for terrible battlers like me :rofl:


There already is a participation award for doing battles. It’s called incubators. And now you don’t even have to win matches to get one. I’ve never known of a tournament where EVERYONE gets prizes. All of the complaining about wanting participation awards is so annoying to players that have worked really hard to get where they are. Casual players and players who refuse to spend money are normally the ones who complain the most, even though they don’t put in even half of what the hardcore/paying players do. I’m not saying that’s you, but there is crying in this forum daily that usually just sounds like “gimme gimme gimme.” I’m not against people getting rewards, but all of the demands need to stop. Especially when people are demanding rewards for doing the bare minimum. Nothing is ever good enough for the JWA community, and it’s always “unfair.” The game definitely has some issues that need fixing, but I’m not sure what is unfair about battles. Everyone around you is constantly progressing and leveling up. People who just sit at the same levels for weeks and weeks are going to get left behind. It’s common sense. The bar for the average player gets higher and higher every week.


So does that mean the lower players scores will stay where they were? Because I’m hoping “will not be affected… Ect” Means that if your trophy count is at like 827 or something those people won’t have to start all over from 0. And I kinda want to see a battle between two flagged cheats now • w •


Yeah you won’t be affected by the tournament at all.


If your trophies are below 4000 it will stay the same at the start of the tournament. As for battles between flagged cheaters, it may not be as different from battles between legit because I’d imagine even amongst cheaters you would have higher levels and lower levels too.


This game will end up as many other games I have played. You will end up with a group of top players who pay into the game to win and you will have your grinder group.


There doesn’t have to be a participant reward. If you’re not that experienced, you don’t get a reward. This is only for players dedicated in the game. Otherwise, it’ll be too easy for beginners to intermediates. To those between 3750-4250, they’ll most likely be able to rank up to either be in the tournament. They’re the ones that get the participation award


Awesome, I love tournaments! I just hope that neither flagged nor non-flagged cheaters will be matched with us legit players :laughing:


I love this game! My boyfriend and I play it every day. I think it would be cool if the tournament split into tiers based on how many trophies we have. That way everyone who plays will have incentive to participate. Plus, the lower trophy level people won’t get stuck battling impossible opponents. Just a thought! I still have fun playing this, tournament or no tournament.


I am ready to tournament


Yeah I agree, I appreciate all the freebies we get from the strike events and special events etc

In other sports you do have diff level ranking tournaments hence amateur, semi pro and Pro leagues or based on rating like in chess. But that is far more work for the devs and there would be many more complaints lol

There will always be that frustratiom though when you know the top player will get 30k cash and that will make him even stronger esp with the team he has.

You also have the problem of battle bugs, battle frustration and the problem of finding dinos which have changed soo much since before the update.

The incubators are expensive too and with other bugs you can understand to a point some players frustration and complaints esp those who do spend abit or a lot of money.

All that being said I do agree with what your saying, just like in life, if you don’t put the work in for long enough, don’t expect anything.

I have a plan for the tourney but dependong on time and fortune will determine if i make an incubator but that is because time is limited for me but i am surprised at my team considering!