[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 2


I don’t mind them creating rewards for every tier but one major condition : the last one player of a tier should get more rewards than the first player of the lower tier. This way you still get rewarded for being in higher tier (as it should be) and it would prevent everyone from deranking for prizes. Otherwise it will be way worst

I do the same with my gf and it’s a blast ! You have a point here : The fun stay the same, you can still battle as usual whenever you want. Some are still traumatized by the first tournament it seems (and it was pretty obvious at that time that the first battling days would be hard for lower tier players)


It’s always working that way…for your sport example, the winner gets the more money, allowing it to keep best player and buy the best ones, so the gap still going to be wider…


Can we know how it will be the matchmatching? What is the amount of trophies higher or lower then mine to match with?

Sorry if this has already been explained, 125 comments… tl;dr :flushed:


Tournament would be fair if everybody can select their 4 dinos of all dinos, and everybody had they at lvl 26,this would be a fair tournament based on skill no in p2w.


It would still be unfair in your example. The game is designed around hunting and powering up dinosaurs. If you introduce a tournament format that forgoes all the work people have done you now have swung the bar of unfairness in the opposite direction. The person who casually plays shouldn’t be able to have months of DNA added to their dino without them needing to put in the work. The tournament is fair as is when taken into context the structure of the game.


It will be more fair to have Divisions ,like 3. And will be measured by our Levels.We all reset to 3500 but 8-12lvl will be in Division 3 , 12-16 will be in Division 2 and 16-20 will be in Division 1 Every Division Winners will have separate rewards. So the gap will not open,and in the top tier will have different winners because of the competitiveness

And to avoid people going down Divisions,the best reward for Division3 will be the worst reward for Division 2


They should/could have both types. The dedicated should be rewarded for effort but those who have joined the game late, have kids, jobs, no money, whatever should/could have the opportunity to battle with out being totally outclassed before strategy even come in.


It would be great to have the speed bug fixed prior the tournament begins. Just runned into a case where my Stegoceratops vs opposing Stegodeus was slower after we have both thago’ed…

That appart, it’s a good news and that the cheaters also have been parked in a separate environment from the community is great.


At 4222 at the moment - will be aiming for the 4500 mark or maybe the 4750 (I can dream - might need to improve the team a bit). I need a weekly event where its Monolophosaurus every day to create Monomimus (50/200) (I have plenty of Galli) and level up Monostegotops (L17).


A gazzillion new bugs, no new balance of Metas, specifically Stegogod, and nothing that will allow newer players to place anywhere reasonable for them to enjoy it.
Ha. Ludia must have made a lot of money last tournament to want another this quick. Hopefully everyone here won’t spend anywhere as much money this time.

Now that will be a good slap to the face for Ludia to stop pushing tournaments on us without fixing what they break first!


Nice ! Anything good ? I opened one a few days ago and finnally received brachiosaurus.


I am a newer player. I did not enjoy the last tournament and this one looks like more of the same. Perhaps these need to be limited. Commons only. Rares only. Flyers only. Herbivores and Raptors. Whatever that makes it so people can’t use the same overpowering dino combinations over and over.

Rewards need to start at 1000 trophies. Hyping up a tournament that only even affects a tiny percentage of the player base shows pretty poor judgement on Ludia’s part. Participation rewards need to be a thing.

Tournaments need to be shorter. 72 hours at the most, but 48 hours seems better.


To be correct they were left in the tournament to claim victims. :disappointed_relieved: While they couldn’t move up in the tournament if you faced one and lost you still dropped in the event.


Do you not get incubators when you battle? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


look forward to crushing folk in the tourney, might I ask you to give us more of a pvp relevant dino next tourney for the creature DNA. Just doesn’t exactly make sense cause literally no one in top 500 will even put Brach on there team.


NEW Trophy Setting No rewards for all normal Players. Justpaytowin Players May have a Chance !!! Awesome new Tournament!!!


That sucks :fearful: Well, there’s still a chance that you can get a 12 hour incubator before the tournament starts. Hopefully the content of your 24 hour is good


So does anyone know if there will be a reset reward for anyone over 4250 trophies when the tourny starts? Im currently at 4269, my highest ever, and am wondering if Im free to continue battling the next 2 days if there isnt a reset reward?


this game is honestly a disaster. not looking forward to the tournament at all. i haven’t played since season 1 ended. and my first several back all had game deciding bugs. the speed indicator is still wrong. i had my dino get hit, still have 300 HP left but still died. i got stunned by a distracting impact. it’s hilarious :joy:

like every battle is a joke. and the ones that aren’t bugged just come down to indoraptor vs indoraptor and whoever the CPU decides gets their dodge to work wins. very nice :+1:


No reset reward this time