[Tournament] Jurassic World Alive | Season 2


Will everyone be rewarded, regardless of the rating?


“Non-flagged cheater” — Isn’t that a cheater that hasn’t been flagged yet? :thinking:

Which means the flagged cheaters can still be in PvP with the non-cheaters?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They clarified later that they meant cheaters won’t play with legit players. Have to admit I got a good chuckle out of their initial typos though :laughing:


Another tournament that will be absolutely meaningless for me. More payouts to the p2w crowd.




@Jorge @Ned @J.C
Can you let us know the scheduled maintenance time in EST for season 2? It would help us a lot to plan using incubators.
Don’t need the end time, just the start time.


Also why in the world would the to player right now is at 16k+
And tournament wise y not give 10k coins for the 4250?


It did give a maintenance warning



Don’t know why you couldn’t look up the time difference… it’ll be 9am EST and 2pm in the UK :relieved:


Oh. Didn’t pop up in my app.
Thanks man.


This doesn’t involve he tournament but I suggest trying to make it where dinosaurs do not pop up in the tournament golden silver and blue icons because I currently have a rare velociraptor stuck in one with no way to get to it. Any suggestions ?


Apologies in advance for anybody in low Ruins/Sorna.

After the reset brings all the whales down to me I’ll inevitably be knocked down against people who have no chance against my team. Sorry about that, but Ludia doesn’t know how to make a separate tourney bracket.


It’s ok, it’s a domino effect … everyone who participated will probably get badly thrashed the first few weeks :rofl: Great way for them to make money as people either try to spend to upgrade their team or poorer quality incubator dna from lower arena also spell slower progress for player and hence greater longevity for the game :joy:


Wow my post got filtered … like seriously, what did I say? :rofl: I guess all post must be sunshine and complimentary of the creator or something :joy:

TLDR from filtered post: It’s inevitable, everyone will get smacked around for a while. Very clever way to make $ and ensure longevity as people either spend to upgrade or lower arena incubator dna means it takes longer to complete the collection. We will survive. :laughing:


I think that if replies (not posts) are beyond a certain length they get filtered out. Idk how this forum works.


It wasn’t that long :joy: I notice words that pertains to pvp or ppl who don’t play by terms of agreement tend to get filtered. At this rate I’m going to need to get a thesaurus :laughing:


I just battle for incubators and end up where I end up. No harm, no foul!

Ended t250 last time. Will see if I’m that fortunate once more.


Ludia needs to bake me cookies and send them to me via 30 mins or free delivery.


I have noticed the battle matching is a lot more fair this time round my teams a bit more powered up than last time though, managed to get to 4250 quite smoothly cheers ludia for getting rid of the griefers. Lol just realised it hasn’t started yet fingers crossed this is the fixed matchmaking for the tourney!!!