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Tournament Leaderboard Messed up

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Bug Description: I joined the tournament and got my starting trophies but haven’t actually battled yet. But the LB shows I have 1500 medals. I believe this is an old tournament Leaderboard.

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I was just about to post something. I am experiencing the same bug. @Ned could you help us out??

^^This, did Ludia use a LB from a previous advantage tournament?

Actually that was my score from the last coin skilled tournament.

Really. My place was #1 last coin tournament and I’m at 1000 now (after some battles)

Something is way of. I started outside the top 10.000 - even though I should enter in the top 300

how am i, starting with 700 trophies in the top 300?

Only 37 minutes ago the tournament started.

I started with 820 points as always and after winning the first battle I was in position 9000 which has surprised me a lot because I always used to start as top100.

Now I see that the first four of the classification already have more than 2000 points and many people more than 1500, how can it be? What do I not take into account?

Given that a game lasts approximately 5 minutes, each participant has only been able to carry out 8 battles, perhaps 10 and at 30 points per battle it would be 300 … how can they already have more than 2000 points?

Of course, I do not accuse anyone of cheating and much less than 5,000 people, I just want to know what happens.

Note: I had written the post when I thought it happened only to me. Now the system has merged my post in this thread.

LOL. That is the exact leaderboard from the end of the first tournament of April.

I’m in a similar boat to xescot. Apparently I was place 10k+ when I started, but I usually start at around 5k.

Another glitch?

Hey DPG members, our team is currently investigating this!

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That must be the explanation !! I hope they solve it soon.

This was the final leaderboard from the April 3-5 tournament. Looks familiar.

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Same for me.



I started a few battles and ranked around 13k but when I did the ten dino requirement it wouldnt let me claim the alliance points so I restarted and now I rank 210 but still can’t claim the reward

Looks like it’s fixed now. Things look correct after a restart.

Time to reset the tournament, maybe. And ludia will give us some hardcash

Nah, it’s already been fixed, and it wasn’t a tournament breaking error. The correct medals were still being awarded for battles, it was just the LB that was messed up.

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