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Tournament leaders. Really?


Fifteen thousand!! the first place has fifteen thousand how the he’ll is anyone meant to compete with that I mean I’m stuck in sorna “apart from that beautiful moment I moved up to the next arena just to play one battle and got sent right back” so the whole tournament has kinda passed me by but really fifteen thousand trophys I mean what the hell


U can always friendly battle me @Glasgowpaddy
I can’t send requests to battle, but can receive them.

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You can’t send requests anymore (again)??
I thought I got kicked off your favorites list :slight_smile:


Never @Hersh. I can’t see anyone on my social tab at all. I can receive battle requests, but can’t send any :pensive: U can send me a request to battle whenever u feel like battling. This is all I see on my social tab

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Awww man… it seems like there are sooo many people with this same exact problem.

I’ll send you a friendly battle request more often then … wish that the developers would be able to fix this issue once and for all though. You guys must be frustrated

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So annoying :tired_face: I actually convinced my real life friend to get jwa and I can’t even add her :cry:


what’s weird is that some people can see them and other’s can’t. i can see mine.


Yeah @Heather, it is very annoying. Hopefully it will fix with next update🤞


It’s just randomly started working again but there’s no option to add anyone :sweat_smile:

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Mine won’t load at all. I wish it would. The response I got from support is they are aware of it and hope to have it resolved soon. Yeah like how soon? I want to be able to see the person’s stats I just battled.


If you have over 45 friends that’s the problem as soon as you drop below that number your friends list will work again. I have tested this many times and that seems to be the break point.


I cant even see my friends list to delete any friends
Edit, I can accept friendly battles from all friends though. Support says it should be fixed with next big update, I’ll just have to wait

Edit for screenshot


This isn’t a ‘tournament’. Never has been, and likely never will be.


You have an insane amout of coin and cash for a level 15. #jealous. I take it you visit the online store quite often?

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Yeah, that’s from spending $49.99 every time I level up. I’m level 16, soon to be 17
It’s worth it for the cash and coins. U definitely need the coins to level dinos up and cash to buy more coins


And if u want to friendly battle, just send me request @Neodeadalus. I cant send u one