Tournament losses getting you down? Poll on how to (potentially) fix that

I think if the tournament rewards were based on highscore (like the seasons), it would save a lot of unnecessary frustration.
Even if you do lose a couple of matches to speed-ties, bad RNG and disconnections, even downright glitches, ultimately it should even out with strategy prevailing in the end.
Plus, if you’re happy with your score you can throw a bunch of unfamiliar creatures in and just have fun. No need to worry about losing your progress in that final dash for a better reward.

Anyway, let’s vote on it.

  • Highscore-based tournament rewards gets my vote.
  • I prefer the current system.

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Not many users seem to be taking notice, so if you think it’s a good idea, feel free to share it on tournament threads.

Well, there’s a clear majority for the highscore-based system. Unfortunately there’s been only 14 voters.
It’s still not too late to vote of course.

I think current system is better for tournament. For season you have whole month to battle, while tournament last three days.

Changes to award system would be required too. Place based award system can’t hold highscore based battle system. So if Ludia takes medal ranges for reward system, that could hurt many players as requirements can be much higher than now.

I don’t follow. Could you elaborate?
Couldn’t the battles still be place-based?

Season has highscore ranges for rewars (5001-5100, 5101-5200…).

So if you implement that in tournament, could be even worse. In skill tournaments for example around 500 medals is enough for top 100, 600 for top 50. With highscore based rewards those requirements can be higher 700 for rewards that are currently for top 100, 800 for current top 50. Also lowest range beside participation reward, could start at 100 medals.

So most players would get that low and middle ranges rewards, cause earning over 500 medals require a lot of fighting. Basically it would erase placements from top 20 lower up to 250. Ludia would benefit by giving out lower rewards, while those top 10 players would have even bigger advantage, cause of rewards.

Couldn’t they just use the highscores as placements? Highest score attained last is 1, then 2, etc.
The same as now, except losing doesn’t drop your placement, unless you lost to someone moving past you.

Doubt, as that could lead to ties. This means 100 of players can have same high score tied for 50th place (exaggerating a little here just to highlight a problem).

Other problem would be that last day could be impossible to find a match if most players would stop battling. Those few that would like to push for highscore very likely wouldn’t get matched.

If top players would swap out their best creatures to try some others, that would be unfair as some players could get easy wins. It would be similar as dropping for farming wins was in that abandoned alliance competition.

EDIT: In arena you are forced to play for incubators. In tournament, when you achieve what you want, you don’t need to play anymore.

The same thing happens in regular tournaments too. That’s why I said attained last. I believe right now whoever gets to a particular score last is the highest among everyone with that score.

How is that different from now? Most players reach a score they’re happy with, then stop before the end. Even if this was a problem, how would it be any different from regular tournaments?

You can’t farm wins here, since it’s not win-based, it’s highscore based. You can still drop below your highscore, it’s just that that won’t affect your highscore.
As for easy matchups being unfair, how is that any different from being matched with a noob in regular tournaments? It’s RNG who you’re matched up with, so it’s equal odds to everyone. That isn’t unfair at all.
Besides, they wouldn’t have to play with weaker creatures.

That applies in regular tournaments too. There’s no difference.

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Actually it is different. Now top players fight till the end. Most players need to check their place in case they need to fight again to retain their place. Many play till end trying to climb higher.
With highscore system, majority could stop playing completely.

Actually here is the problem. If attained last is implemented, those easy wins (earned medals) have decisive impact on placement. It’s not the same if you fight through speed ties, RNG or a team that you can wipe out easily. In skill tournaments lvl of creatures is set to 26. Only in advantage tournaments you can get easy matches, but mostly when you enter tournament.

There is also a problem with medals awarded for wins. This would affect highscore system more than current one. You can lose 40 medals against a player that has way more medals and is many places above you, while winning only 20 medals against a players with similar score and around your placement.

3 days or a month.
I will always camp at a good risk vs reward spot just like I used to do with the arena.
The time to me is irrelevant.
If rewards were locked in, I would have done more battles in the tourney.
I was unwilling to risk my 200 DNA.
It improved seasonals, not sure why it wouldn’t improve tourneys.

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Tourneys are different, cause players can enter at any time in those 3 days. So those entering on last day would either barely get matched or would get easy wins(medals) to b or c teams(mostly in skill tournaments) of players that already locked their rewards.

It depends how highscore system would be implemented. Could be better, but also could be way worse. Knowing how they make things better, I’m for don’t fix it if its not broken in this case.

But why though? Wouldn’t the highscore at the top of the leaderboard keep climbing like usual, with everyone chasing it? Why is there any question of everyone stopping?

I said it’s already been implemented, as far as I know. I just said that that would stay the same, because I had no reason to think otherwise.

Why would the medal-system change at all? The only change I mentioned was to the rewards at the end. Matchmaking and medal-reward changes weren’t part of the deal.

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I don’t know if you’ve misunderstood or what, but this is what I mean:
Everything is exactly the same, except the score on the leaderboard is the highest one you’ve achieved during that particular tournament.
Based on your rank (1st, 2nd, 3rd, top 10, etc) you win rewards.

Your actual medal count can drop and rise just like your actual trophy count can in the arena.

Highly doubt they would keep placements with highscore system. With highscore placements fighting on top would stay same, right. If they change it to highscore ranges as its in season, then nobody would play at top after reaching top range.

Medal system need change anyway. Though in highscore system there would probably be more complaints about it if stays as it is. Those entering late could complain for getting to low medals for wins, while those achieving high score early could complain those entering late earning to many medals for easy wins.

Next time please include Poll in title @Qaw, as even I barely found this thread today. Different title would help too. Had no idea about what this thread is, reading the title.

i agree. (10 Characters)

I don’t see why they wouldn’t. It wouldn’t make sense to change it to anything else.

Why would there be more complaints? If anything, wouldn’t they decrease?
I don’t get your reasoning.

Noted :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hm…, you know how they implement and fix things. It’s either one way or the opposite way.
Never saw that they did the middle way. That’s why I suspect they would just copy current season system.

If they would just copy season system as I suspect, then that would raise more complaints for sure. You’re combined system could work well, but not sure if they are capable to implement it that way.

For me is good anything that improves the gameplay.

With the team you posted on the snake tourney…you could have done at least top 250 btw :wink: at the very least that was s top 500 team.

The one thing holding me back from using high score is the players who get into the tourney first while most are at work. You can climb really high right away.

Other than that and the mentioned ties. I think it would be okay but problems could peak.