Tournament matchmaking

Most players are aware of the nonsense matchmaking that happens semi-regularly in pvp battles, whether its droppers or players in the lowest 3csrenas having a level 18 sr3/indo rex, but up until today I’d never seen this in tournaments. I’m a lvl 13 player, I have ground my way to 2 legendaries, my best dino is lvl 17 yet I was just paired against a player who dinos were mid lvl 20s (and all legendaries/uniques), how is this a fair match up? I took one off him & got close on another 2 before he finished me off despite only having access to some of my stronger dinosaurs, but what’s the point of going past 10 takedown if this is the nonsense you’ve got to deal with?


I usually get my 1st 10 done pretty rapidly then duve in & out if I’ve done what else I need to & haven’t been excessive on game time. Admittedly I’ve moved up a pvp arena since I did my 10 (I just reached lockdown) so I don’t know if that’s a factor or whether its just rubbish matchmaking!! :laughing:

Nice to see nothing changes. 1st tournament attempt my little team of lvl 16/17s is drawn up against (drumroll)… a lvl 26 fully boosted tryko.





Fridays are the worst days to play tournament. Sunday is much better

To be fair had a couple of reasonably evenly matched ones (within a level or two) after that, which I won. Then, level 27 spinoconstrictor.

I forfeited.

This tournament is a Whales paradise! Is P2P folk are just fodder!

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Yup level 30 boosted max all over the place. Or…. You get set up against people 10 lvls lower to give you some “feel good” points

Funny that used to be the other way around. :blush:

Tournament matchmaking is terrible in this game. I am facing so many max level boosted dinos that its not even fun. I want to have fun and enjoy the current tournaments but is simply not possible fcing level 30s with my 26-24 teams.

Why are all my opponents at a way higher level in the tournaments

welcome to advantage tournaments

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What’s that

An advantage tournament is basically whoever has the higher level dinosaurs wins and the more trophies you have the harder the opponents team is. At least that’s what advantage tournaments are to me :slight_smile:

Ludia, why don’t you dedicate yourself better to doing just tournaments? Do you think it is fair that it is time to face levels 30 with levels 11? You worry about doing just the pvp which is not as important as the tournaments where you have to add to win a reward. And tournaments do nothing to make it fairer.

I’m seriously thinking about deleting mine and I pay cash on my game

Lidia please fix the tournament match up system and pvp for that matter I just fought a 28 dentist with a 24 boosted testa 22 heavily boosted tryo and a 21 boosted grypo and didn’t take him down. I shouldn’t have fought him in the first place and gotten a different opponent. I’m about to quit playing because of these matches and other bugs. Please just have one update where you fix bugs and not introduce anything please. And I’m not apologizing for my rant but I do feel just slightly better

DIDN’T EVEN GET A HIT IN what’s the point in playing. Lvl17 VS lvl29… The highest one I have is that lvl20

You must likely are Aviary in which team strength doesn’t matter but only trophies

Agree, Matchmaking become worst and worst

and Another thing is, the winning point system, you play arena mostly with the player in same level and same trophy and many of players at the same level (mostly > 6000) have the same level of dinos mostly the META dinos somethimes win or loss decide by strategy and lucky and many time it was just by the 4 random dinos the game gave you, so It’s really funny to get only +20 when you won lower rand players and lost -40 when you lose to the lower rand players that have the same qualities dino as you. Many time, many day I won 5 times and lost 3 time and my trophy point get lower and lower. I hated this point system

AND I MISSED THE +30/-30 SYSTEM in the past

Since the -40/-20 to +20/+40 system has been restored, most members of our alliance have increased their arena score. A handful of us finally got out of library, depot and unlocked shores. I still think you shouldn’t lose 20 trophies against someone with 2k or more trophies than you, so it could still be improved but by and large it’s been much better than the -30/+30 system.

Anyway, this discussion is irrelevant here as it has nothing to do with the tournament matchmaking.