Tournament Medals (yes, it's me again)

Won against a top 10 player, got only +20 when I was still grinding for 100. Enough said.


They’ll never give us any clarity on this.


I give up on Ludia. A good idea was messed up by them because of lack.of thinking.

Why are alliances being punished for not having all hardcore players? It should be encouraging players to play more tournament regardless of win or lose.


Yeah, the alliance tourney reward thing is a good idea, but once again not correctly applied

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With a normal medal system I would’ve had a shot at improving my highscore. As it is, I’ve done about 30 battles today, won about 20 of those and I’m still at the same medalscore as I started with. This medal system is garbage.

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It’s completely chaotic. There’s no pattern. Sometimes you win/lose 20 or 40 from someone just a couple of medals behind or ahead… No one knows how this crap works. Not even the creators apparently…