Tournament Mode extremely laggy and unplayable for me

Tournament Mode has suddenly become very laggy and unplayable for me. The scroll bar is unresponsive or lags a lot when I am trying to scroll through dinos to select for battle. Also, it takes like 10 seconds for a dino I tapped on to be put in the battle slot. I tried clearing the cache from my game apps but it is still very laggy. What is causing the lag? The game wasn’t this laggy when I played tournament mode just a few months ago.

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People have reported massive frame drop if some creatures are in cooldown in selection screen. I think that’s what you’re experiencing. Aether12 has said that most of the time watching an ad for cooldown reduction makes his game more playable . Apart from that no other solution or reasons are known(to me and quite possibly most of the forum) at this point of time.


If that’s the case, why didn’t I experience a huge frame drop when the dinos were on cooldown when I played tournament mode like 3 months ago?

That’s how bugs work , they’re not universal. You might not experience them everytime either. Aether12’s game was working fine until a week or two ago now this frame drp happens some time. On top of it ain’t global , that means most players don’t face this issue.

I feel like the lag and frame rate drop might have something to do with the most recent game update.

Could be , we’ve no proof or direct correlation between them though.

I’ve found the source of this problem to be a certain ad in the game slowing down the hatchery and the roster selection, sometimes watching the first ad works and brings it back to usual speed, sometime it takes a second or 3rd ad viewing to bring the game back to normal, it varies day to day.

I’ve notified support of this issue, if you could let me know if watching an ad temporarily fixes this issue for you aswell then maybe support will have more proof to look into this further.


Watching the ad only stops the scroll bar from lagging for like 1 or 2 more battles. The game also lags when there are no more ads to watch for cooldown. Is there any way for the developers to fix the lagging issue?

You may need to refresh the game a few times in order for new ads to appear, once all ads have been viewed (at least it’s the case with my game anyway) then the game returns to normal speed. Sometimes the ads are in different places, for instance there are no more ads for hatchery speedups then there will be ads to view on creature cooldowns instead.

I do hope that they have enough evidence now to look further into the issue as it’s starting to drive me insane lol.

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afraid no Ludia just will say the problem is in your device, but my device is almost new fed days ago there there wasnt a problem an my lineup no changed to much for that massive slowing down. Is sad udia say its problem with your device instead of repair their game maybe i change my rate from 5 to 4 stars

One thing I noticed this tournament, the lag on my creature selection got worse and worse as more and more creatures went into cool-down. I guess the processing power needed to cope with all the different timers was slowing it.

If I flipped to select a Fodder, where there were no creatures needing cool-down, everything was as normal.

Unfortunately the lag is still persistent when switching to fodder, if I select a creature it takes a couple of seconds for it to load into the battle roster, watching a few ads clears this issue however.

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