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Tournament needs to be halted

Though I have not entered it has come to many players attention that fighting AI in the tourney arena rewards trophies. Needless to say this tourney should be halted until the issue is resolved.


I was going to do a thread about this, but you beat me to it!
It’s incredible how ppl are proud of doing this
I’ve spent the last 3 hours playing real ppl and ofc I gained almost no trophies because of all the connection issues.
@Ludia_Developers @Ned @Jorge


I boycotted the tournament so it’s a non issue for me, but I agree with what your saying.


I also sat this one out, expecting trouble… looks like there’s plenty of trouble now.


I have been trying all day and have only been able to successfully finish 1 battle.

With all the problems with the regular arena since the update, this tournament should have been postponed.


Clearly we all know about the exploit in this tournament. I battled 10 AI in a row and won with ease. So did the top players. How is this any different than the alliance from overseas cheating their way to win previous tournaments and getting banned from the game. I’m not saying to ban the people taking advantage of Lydia’s tournament but in no way should these top players be awarded the top prize.


cheating is cheating regardless of the format.


And now I finally made it into an actual tournament battle and won, but it just locked up after the 3rd dino was killed.

As most of us are aware now there is an exploit available in the current “skill” tournament that allows you to fight AI instead of players, this may only be available on certain phones. Apex Predators MarkTheShark has admitted to using this exploit to make it to number 1 in the tournament leaderboards. This issue needs to be addressed Immediately, either strip the players who used the exploit of their trophies or cancel the tournament. There is absolutely no way to catch up with the people at the top, whether this exploit gets fixed immediately or not. This was suppose to be a “skill” based tournament that put everyone on even footing against other PLAYERS not AI. Even with the busted matchmaking system this is NOT ok. People have been grinding and dealing with disconnects all day just to be passed by the people who are ALREADY the top players in the game because they used an exploit. This is not fair to the community and taking advantage of an exploit in a game is in fact “cheating”. As stated previously if the exploit were to be fixed right now it wouldn’t matter because the top players are already leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else and will solidify their position even IF the exploit is fixed unless they get their trophies stripped. Are you really going to let those players receive that reward Ludia? Big spenders or not, top alliance or not, they have shown they are dishonest and will take advantage of any exploit thats available to win. You did nothing to stop the dropping exploit during the March Rush, do not do the same this time, no one who cheats deserves even $10 worth of in game cash after using an exploit.FB_IMG_1556938415324


Thank you @Marek

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Ludia, you need to sort this out. Apex predators are openly cheating by your own definition.


What a bummer… I was actually impressed by the top players’ dedication to the tournament… But it was nothing more than a shortcut…


A full halt probably isn’t the best solution, but if it’s the only viable option I support it. If possible the cheaters should be met with punitive action, it was very clear that it was an exploit. I’ve seen their justifications and they are quite frankly rather weak. You’ll notice in my screenshot below that he mentions not knowing it was against the rules, yet it’s made very explicit that battling AI does not/should not reward trophies. Upon seeing trophies were rewarded, if they had the same integrity that the original post claims, they’d have made an immediate report on the bug, but instead the abused it, and admitted to it after getting caught. This is a classic case of damage control and doubling down.


I :100: agree that we should halt this tournament until it’s fixed by Ludia. In all honesty, I thought this is a repeat of Season 2 wherein we battled AI throughout the tournament.


Spare us… That is BS. A repeat of season 2…lol One member saying he was tipped off about it and you’re saying that’s how you thought it was suppose to play like season 2.



But you guys were very aware that battling AI is not intended to give trophies, so whether you thought it was a repeat of that or not, surely you would have realized something was amiss, no? It’s explicitly stated.


Of course they new. And they were probably aware of all the issues everyone else was having as well. There is 50 of them in the alliance. You think none of them actually check this board today.


im not i knew it was too good to be true. i never belived apex was legit at all.


We r talking about APEX PREDATOR, the TOP of the TOP, they know EVERYTHING about JWA.
No way to claim playing with Al with trophy gain is not a bug, tip the rest and bring all UP.
They speak for the entire JWA legit players, now they tip each other to climb above all of us…lol…


who made the german video earlier? please revise it AP style :pray:

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