Tournament nerf please

as a player, i would love to get tournament dinosaurs without spending all the bucks to try to get into dominator league. i much as a try the higher i go the more impossible it gets. the only way to get to dominator league is to use all your game bucks or by cheating and i don’t want to do any of that. so please ludia can you nerf it so most of us players don’t have to plough our bucks into it.

best regards
a player that want to enjoy games

No cheating needed and no bucks needed, I am not sure your level or the amount of time you have put into the game. I have been playing for 7-8 months and it was only in the last 3 months or so I started getting into the dominator level. You need to have a fairly large team of dinosaurs in order to compete with out using dino bucks during the tournament. That team is only generated over time or by using a ton of resources (Dino bucks to speed it up). Don’t get discouraged if you are a newer player you just have to put in the effort over a long period of time to get there.

Not just what Sionsith said, but also keep in mind that the awarded prize evo packs are very valuable for helping you advance. To be honest, I have always thought the predator league prizes are often better directly.