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Tournament next week

@E.D: please give us an Information of the tournament next week. If you will do that players can rearrange the boost untill 20 october, all players can boost there common and rare dinos for tournament and after the tournament they can rearrange there Arena Team again.

Or is there only one try to rearrange the boosts?

Any News??

its from the 16th to the 20th. I bet not a lot of people will do that in case that they forget cuz that would be a waste.

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And you will think that all players accept the rules and dont push there dinos?
And Ludia will punish such a behavior? Really?

No idea why you replied to me, but I was just giving you the information you asked for.

For those rewards? Why bother? If it was a coin or boost tourney, maybe.

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Will get my 10 takedowns and chill the rest of the weekend it looks like. Now, if they had raids on weekends :wink: