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Tournament Non Dominator Rewards

When I formerly played this game,I remember Tournaments having Twin Packs like Super Rare Twins,Legendary twins , etc… and stuff as Non Dominator Rewards. However,now that I am back,it is these ridiculous Evo Boosters Packs,which have no DB at all,atleast the Twin Packs did,this is absolutely amazing. I like how transparent you are in showing how much you consider the players of the game.

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I agree. Pretty disappointed but maybe because it’s for a shiny gen 2 and they figure no one will care and still go for it. Meh, maybe it will go back to normal packs for the next tournament.


My predator league reward gives me 1000 db…maybe it’s just your park level.

Okay,could be.

The evo packs i think are the same as the twin packs but they chnged the name.

The Evo Booster Packs do not have Dinobucks in them

No DB in evo packs as in twin packs.

what? i swear the last time i checked there was 1000 db. apparrently they removed it.

That is really, really shameful. For a tournament this long? Feel bad for you all that would finish at that level, and probably need those DBs more than anyone.

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Well,thanks,wiser spending of DB will handle it all. I have been using my DB only on PVP and Cooldowns now.


I don’t know, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise? For me, with previous tournaments I always felt compelled to finish the best I could given my lineup (really grinding, using DBs on cooldowns, etc.) when I knew it would be smarter and less of a hassle to stay in Hunter in order to fill in dinos I outleveled and can’t get any other way (until they rotate that elusive Parasaurolophus someday).

Without the DBs, it makes it easier to do what would be better for me.