Tournament Overplayed Dinosaurs

Something I see consistently is people complaining that tournaments are dominated by specific dinosaurs and lack variety, such as ‘Yoshi’ tournaments where in the past whoever had the strongest ProceRat or drew theirs often won the match…well why not this -

At the end of each tournament the top most played/represented dinosaur is excluded the next time that tournament type comes up?

For example let’s say 90% of teams had a Yoshi and 60% had Carbo, well the next time that tournament comes up they would be unable to be used, this would mean that each team that normally would field them would instead field something else, thus adding variety.

Then the following tournament of that type (ie epic tournament) because Yoshi and Carbo had been excluded and thus had zero representation, they could be included in it, and the top 2 from the last tournament would be the ones excluded.

Because this is based on the top representation, it doesn’t target any one dinosaur and the dinosaurs excluded going forward would be based on what’s being used, son is community driven and not biased.

Anyway just some food for thought😌