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Tournament Play-off System

This is a chart example of a play off system that could be programmed for tournaments as a suggestion to make for better and evenly matched play for all players at all levels. See details below:

  • All player levels can play.
  • You must opt in to play.
  • Pick 12 of your best dino’s that will be LOCKED for use through the entire tournaments. 4 will randomly be picked from 8 with 4 to interchange between battles.
  • Matches will be made against others based on your team of 8 HIGHEST dino.
  • Win 3 out of 5 to move up to next play off rank.
  • Coins will be given base on the rank your playing for each battle played - 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000, win or lose.
  • Get all rewards as you move up.
  • Once knocked out or win the tournament, you can no longer go into battle in the tournament screen.
  • Incubator DNA rewards based on team level. Team levels 1-10 will gain Epic DNA. Team levels 11-20 will gain Legendary DNA. Team levels 21-30 will gain Unique DNA.
  • Highest tournament trophy won to be displayed in player profile.
  • As you play more tournaments and win trophy’s, the place trophy’s and amount of trophy’s won will display in player profile.
  • All Tournament battling must be done before end of tournament date.
  • 1 in16 to win 1st - 1 in 8 to win 2nd - 1 in 4 to win 3rd

The point of the 3 out of 5 is to help make up for bad draws and RNG.

Coins and incubator prizes for play is to encourage participation and make it worth while to play in them.

They will need to draw and use players who are not in the tournament to fulfill battles for players in the tournament. This is to ensure when players have the time to play, they can get matches.

They can keep matched teams within 10% of team highest dino to keep from getting pitted against others with way high or low teams to keep matches fair.

Pitting players based on highest dino keeps from team average manipulation. That is someone with a level 30 makes a team with a level 30 Thor and 7 other level 10’s to put them in a level 12-13 average in hopes of getting Thor picked and chomping the lower player 1, 2, 3.

Matching using a teams highest dino will also get players to put teams together with dino’s all around the same level.

Incubator rewards should be given based on team level played to make tournaments worth playing at every level without creating an imbalance by giving out high rarity DNA to low level players. This will encourage players to grow their teams.

This system allows for more winners at all level teams so new players can have fun with the old players. They system now is pointless and not achievable for new players.

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