Tournament points

Does anyone understand how points are determined for winning battles in a tournament? Today, got anywhere from 20-46 for winning one. And I don’t really know what I did differently. Just trying to see if there is a way to predict how many battles are needed to get into the bracket I want to be in.

Usually based on how high your teams average ferocity is against the team you defeat but there’s usually a minimum and maximum number you can get.

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So the higher the disparity in ferocity between teams, the higher the points received?

If the disparity is in the computer’s favor, yes. That’s why most of us early in a tournament will try to play a team that is matched to the level we’re at, so we still get a decent number of trophies.

Generally. On the bracketed tournaments, like this one, I find that all matchups below Hunter League will only give me 20 trophies. Once I get into Hunter League and higher, all but my very best group gets 40 trophies. They got 34 today. On normal tournaments, the points vary based on Ferocity. I’ve never seen more than 40 or less than 20.

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