Tournament prizes pointless

For the majority of players, the prizes for a whole weekend of battling is so bad and not worth it. Please don’t be so stingy ludia

Wait what,

Are you expecting like 1k sino dna for doing 5 battles or something.

If u do battles u can get great rewards i played a lot and competed last tourney and got 250k coin, the dna in this one is problably not as worth it but still

I scored 945 and got 50k coins last tourney for little effort I think that’s pretty awesome 5 gold incubators worth of coins for a few fun battles

Just if they would nerf the rat and rhino and it’d be perfect

Good for you, you must have good dinos… 125 gold 375 rare dna for top 5000… awful and pointless like i said.

Sounds like you are just complaining

You have to remember that not all rewards we get in game are for the established players. Sometimes they need to be generic to help the newer players get somewhere. It’s all free DNA and that’s a good thing.

I am complaining, but considering its a weekend tournament it would be better if we could play it all weekend. Rewards are only good for top players…

Any Dna is better than no Dna though :slightly_smiling_face: