Tournament Progress


I’m at 4500-4600 trying to break into the top 100 and stay there.

Just wondering where people are at with the Tournament! Are you on track to meet your target???


I’m just under 3100 trophies and have been since before the tournament, been avoiding it… you can’t beat me if I won’t fight you! HA HA!


4040… was between 4200-4400 before tournament.

Finding it very hard to stay above 4000, so if I’m still there with 2 days to go I probably won’t battle again


Absolutely right jammco. If you don’t have a team of legendaries/uniques above level 20 then competing in the Tournement is a waste of time. That’s why the Tournement is worthless for 95% of the players of this very nice game! Ludia realy have to fix this.
The strongest only getting stronger this way!


Would folks be interested in sharing their decks? I feel it would help give a lot more context. Right now i feel like im flying blind… wish there was a tv royale or guilds or something.

Anyway, yoyoing between 3900 and 4300 (no joke) dependent on two two things - did i draw stegodus, did opponent draw indorapter. Here is my deck:


That is also my plan! I have a 24 hour incubator waiting for the last 24 hours and I will have 2 epic to open! I was also 4300 pre tournament and hover between marshes and ruins


What’s your team @Rolybert This is mine atm



Our teams are close! Mine is only better because of mass quantities of cash spent :joy::joy: but not really that much better

If we battled it would always come down to RNG


Here’s mine. Pretty happy just need to level up and im close to my next unique :tada:


Aww…shaddup with your “breaking into top 100”. I’m finding it hard breaking into the top 500 as it is.


My level shows just how little I’ve spent haha… got so many things I need to level up haha


I’m finding it hard to stay in ruins so everyone shadup :joy::joy::joy:


Pre-tournament i was at 4270… now i behave like an elevator…Hi ruins…aaaa…hi sorna marches…hello ruins again…


Currently at 4142 highest during tournament very recently at 3750. Honestly don’t know if I’ll stop battling if it looks like I could drop below 4000 again.


I am alternating between 3550 (where my team outclasses opponents in level and composure) and 3660 (where i am outclassed at afore mentioned).
One could say i am pretty much stuck… :'D



Was trying to reach the 3000 mark, but that’s not likely to happen in the next couple of days. Too many cheaters still in the lower arenas, and a lot of droppers.

Lockdown is slow going right now.


Where are you now Carl I got slammed back from 4040 to 3780 back up to 3879


My trophies are at 2800 now… i don’t expect to be anywhere near 3500 by the end of the tournament.