Tournament Questions


A few basic tournament questions, that don’t really matter, but it’s still bugging me :slight_smile:

If the tournament is “PvP” why do I always get to go first? Other PvP battles make more sense to me where one either randomly goes first or second…

We must get put in divisions or something? There can’t always be 100 people in the Top 5%. Then it would follow that the Top 25% would have 500 people, etc.? The numbers don’t add up!

My last two weeks final point totals were 1024 and 1100. Getting close to finishing Dominator. I am at the point where I’ll be lingering in the lower Dominator league for awhile, but I need to build up some more dinosaurs to have a bigger bench … and hence more battles to get more of those points.

Right now the 2 Legendaries each time are really helping me do that. Too much of a good thing though… I have 18 legendary creatures in queue! I’ll pay DB to use all 4 incubators but I refuse to use DB for speed ups!

We are fairly certain the each player has his or her own bracket, populated by bots adopting the names and photos of real players. Likewise, your opponemts in any sort of PVP, including tournaments, are bots.


I had no idea that it was bots! That is interesting! The style of attack/play is often different on a PvP too vs a “non PVP” challenge.
At least now when I do something dumb like forget how many moves they saved up and do something stupid, I don’t have to be embarrassed anymore haha