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Tournament Ranks and Rewards Revamp

Issue: Alliances that show true cooperation and achieve 50 scores are not being rewarded for this unordinary effort. The thresholds to achieve the higher T9 and T10 rewards in 4-week tournaments are imbalanced and unachievable for most and T10 for all.

End goal: Rebalance the tournament reward ranks using data and set more realistic targets.

Example: 50 players that cooperate and do their 10 takedowns can be considered above standard and for the equivalent of what is considered T9 rewards.

  • In many alliances achieving wholistic cooperation and communication is very difficult given the restriction of in-game chat and personal preferences.

  • The matchmaking in tournaments is still very unfair to most players during advantage weeks. Meaning, in some matches you will not even get one take down, when your level 16s are facing fully boosted level 30s. This causes frustration and a lack of participation from players.

  • It helps create a stronger community and encourages players to participate if they know they can achieve more by collaborating with their team for the task at hand as defined by Ludia, which is just the 10 takedowns. Anything beyond that is their option if they want to rank higher on the board or earn higher rewards for themselves only.

Possible solution:
70 / 30 reward system
70% of the reward is based on team activity
30% of reward is based on team effort

Increment of the rank rewards would be 10% putting

T10 at 474,500 (compared to current system at 650,000)
T9 at 438, 000 (compared to 500,000)
T8 at 401,500 (compared to 380,000)
T7 at 365,000 (compared to 300,000)

Under the new format, 68% of the current teams in the Top500 teams would get T9/T10 rewards with 37 teams reaching T10 based on the past tourney season. 110 alliances would have qualified for T9 which is fivefold larger than the current.

This approach would allow more teams to take on new recruits while seasons veterans can continue to stabilize the team with rewards because, in the current state, new players are not welcomed to the seasoned alliances that want to pursue top rewards.

Please consider:
These alliance leaders and contributing players that participate in the tournament and encourage others in their alliance to please participate is “work” when you do not enjoy the tournaments due to the imbalance in the matchmaking or their own personal reasons. These alliance leaders and teams deserve to be recognized as extraordinary and be rewarded accordingly.

Ludia, please run the reports needed to set realistic targets for tournament rewards. This will help rebuild this community and bring us together instead of tearing us apart. Many of us who take in new players are already handicapped due to the lower entry medals. There has to be a way to make it fair for active players.

This is something beneficial for the entire community, not just the top alliances. The top alliances can still chase after bragging rights if they want, while the rest of us can continue to build up players. Our rewards should not affect them. Quite the opposite, it helps create a more committed player base and keep our friends together.

Tournament CoOp is just one of the many solutions which bring light to the problem at hand, which is the unrealistic tournament rewards goals. We are glad we have your attention now. Please find a solution for our community.


New players are hungry and want build up quickly, alliances do not want them because there “heavy”. Solving this issue is a priority. Making pvp and tournaments fun, and not a “chore” because of matchmaking should be a priority! I know this exercise in tournament coop will bring the attention needed to these very topics.


A tournament coop is cheating like anything in life you get what you work hard for. If someone doesn’t like tournaments there are alliances that don’t require takedowns. If they only want to do takedowns there are alliances for that.

The idea of allowing a larger “participation trophy” is ludicrous and is just entitlement where no one is entitled to anything. Just because you’re all trying to justify your exploit doesn’t make it right.


Indeed, reaching level 10 is practically a utopia.
As for the matchmaking, it has to be more strict, no matter if it causes it to take longer to find a game.

Soooo make the threshold lower so the tourney coop can cheat easier? :thinking:


In my opinion, a tier 8 alliance should be a tier 8 alliance whether it is a 4 weeks championship or a 5 weeks championship. The tier should be based on an average score per tournament. Then the DNA rewards for a given tier should be different depending if it is a 4 or 5 weeks championship. It should be proportional to the time invested. 12 days in a 4 weeks championship and 15 days in a 5 weeks championship. If a tier 10 rewards 500 unique DNA in a 4 weeks championship then it would reward 500/4*5 so 625 unique DNA in a 5 weeks championship.


There is a trophy count range for matching. It’s unavoidable especially when people just enter. If someone with base lv 20s and someone with max lv 30s both start at 880 they will match. If that person with base lv 20s climbs very high they will eventually run into fully boosted teams.

If matches were based on what level and boosts a player has then you would see people that have not put forth the same effort at building teams as the people that have. If this is something anyone feels is acceptable i would like to reinforce a prior statement. No one is entitled to anything. You work hard you get more rewards. This is simply a fact of life

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Is that all you plan to contribute to this community on this topic? If so thank you, but I rather learn your thoughts on how to make this more realistic based on the current status of the player base. Do you not have some thoughts around how to minimize player burnout?

You mean money :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No it’s not all money. It’s also a lot of time. You need coins you can battle all day in the arena and even if you don’t have room for incubators and you gain coins for each win. You need DNA to max something then you hunt. I needed carno for IndoT and my husband drove me 500 miles on a Friday. Actual effort is also required

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On the point of the thread a ‘Pro rata’ solution as suggested by the gentleman seems the more sensible option. High tier awards SHOULD be difficult to obtain.

On a side note, when I joined my alliance I was a level 10 player. The alliance I’m in is T8/9 in tournaments and T8 & 9 for the alliance missions. Even early on I contributed to tournaments, but admittedly I overperform basd on my team in pvp.
I’m a lvl 19 player now, but rather than unbalance my team I level up my dinos in a methodical way, this means that despite now being in aviary (4600 trophies) I remain unique-less with my team lvl 18-20 legendaries. I have 90% of my fusible dinos @ lvl 15 though and my main issue is coins.
I am however, like many lower level players, a grinder. I dart like mad, attempt every strike tower, open every dbi, do every daily mission and battle throughout the day to keep my pvp Inc’s full. I also donate masses of anything I have in abundance. This makes me an incredibly useful member & any alliances turning down newer / lower level players, purely on the basis they may not make top 1k, 5k, 10k or whatever is being shortsighted. They may not be your biggest tournament contributor at that stage but if they still do their 10 & their activity sees you jump 1 or even 2 tiers elsewhere, that’s likely to be just as valuable.

Just my view.

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Actually you are raising a good point. Given that players that are not level 20 don’t receive the same amount of DNA that the level 20 players (which seems fair), should the score of such players not be weighted differently as to not penalise the other members? Not sure of the right ratio but if a level 10 gets 250 DNA for a tier 10 reward, then if they score 500 should it be amended to 1000 for a simulated level 20. Not sure that would be fair for skill tournaments though.

I’m part of a big brazilian alliance. We are one of the top brazilian alliances, to be fair. And we can’t achieve T10 in tournaments even though we have great players with us. Usually we do very well on balanced tournaments but the unbalanced ones are very complicated. Therefore we never reach T10 even though we are a very organised alliance reaching 10/10 in the weekly missions already Sunday morning/afternoon.

The more you play, the more rewards you get. Of course. But I don’t think the actual way the tournaments works is any good. I agree with Jgarrod about the matching system. We’re gonna face full boosted dinos even though we have around 700 trophies but that’s not always. So the more we play, the more we go up. I think it’s ok.
However, I must dwell on something else here. The growth curve of player’s strengh is very low, after all, Ludía wants to make money as well. It can’t be so easy to get stronger. Of course. But I hate the way tournaments go by now. Not only because T10 looks impossible even if you’re in a great alliance but because the battles, on their own, count for nothing. There’s no middle reward to take part in it other than the one at the very end.

What I suggest is making it a bit more rewarding: 50 to 100 coins at the end of each battle or winning battle should do fine, I believe. This would help even the lower leveled players to grow a bit more and have a good carrot at the end of a stick to keep playing.

About making it easier to reach T10 I do like the ideia. It would make everyone happy and still work their way up. But th3g3ntl3m4n’s idea is also pretty good. Here we only get a chance of achiving T9 during 5 weeks tornaments. If we got to a T8 and still had better rewards it would still make people happy with their results.

Something else I’d like to add: there have been a lot of player dropouts and sometimes it kills the alliances’ trophy count. I believe the trophy should be linked to the player, not the alliance. So if they move… It moved with them so that when we lose many members during the same month we can find other recruits and still achieve better incubators. I believe it would be fairer to both sides.


I was thinking the same thing but it would lead to massive poaching and optimising by some at the end of the championships. I think it should still be linked to the alliance, unless the player is kicked out of the alliance. If the player is kicked out of the alliance, then their score should stay with them.

Another possible fix would be to get tier rewards based on average score per tournament per player, hence you could reach tier 10 with an alliance of 10 members for example. Obviously that would mean it would make alliance missions much harder. There would probably a sweet spot between needing to be at 50 or having some leeway.