Tournament Reviews

What do you guys think of the tournament so far? What is your team, current rank, and opinions?

My team: Proceratomimus, Amargocephalus, Suchotator, Sarcorixis, Stegoceratops, Gorgosuchus, Edmontoguanodon, and Purutaurus.

My rank: 103

Opinions: 1000000000x better than the current arena. No boosts, no rat. The tourney is actually fair and requires skill. Procera is 100% the king of the tournament since most of it’s counters are not seen.

Why cant we have this in the regular arena?

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I don’t like these level 26 tournaments because I’m one of those people who lose nearly every speed tie. That’s mostly what it comes down to. It doesn’t seem fair because there are people who win almost every speed tie and there are people who lose almost every one. And it ends up feeling just like the regular arena if you rank up too fast. I was timing out 10 times before finding an opponent last night when i was in the top 10-20. There’s no reason to have a trophy range for opponents when we all have the same dinos to use. There should be no shortage of opponents. I had to just give up last night and go to bed because i didn’t want to play the waiting game anymore.


I would like to be able to give my opinion but cant as I didnt enter the tournament. I think in the current state of the game they should be paying is to enter the tournament, not us paying them.


If it helps, i just spam tap where the move i want to use shows up, so that way i win speed tie most of the time. Speed ties are handled by who taps faster if speed is the same and rarity is the same

Yeah but speed tie, it also factors by who is closest to there server. So you can press it first but who’s signal will reach first…

I do not like this tourney. It’s not horrendous or anything I just get bored very quickly with it. After 5 draws in a row then I got a win got a loss got two more draws. Guess where that puts me lol. And there isn’t enough variety so draw is not hard to do.

So I just left out of it. I don’t really like the all lvl 26 battles it’s too much back and forth and the same dinos used all the time. I think it should go by your dino level but no boosts. It seems fair to level them all out for other players I just find them repetitive.


I’ve not bothered to be honest. I have my team for the main Pyroraptor season and I can’t b bothered to keep swapping my team around. I haven’t played the last two tournaments because of that. This is why we need to be able to build two or three teams and choose them as a dropdown menu.

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Yoshi centre.

I refuse to participate in tournaments because it is nothing but how fast and incredibly vexing you can be with Dracoceratops. Granted it may be an epic, common and rare tournament with which in that case a boosted Dracorex Gen 2 being cheaply used

This one is just epic and rare hybrids only, with boosts disabled

Goes to show that I paid no mind to it. Lol

I don’t think it’s terrible, it has its merits. I do think the green terror bird is a little too much for this tournament and is proving to be perhaps overpowered for an epic I also think that there’s a very limited Dino pool meaning that we’re facing the same guy knows almost every game but I am finding the games to be challenging while also winning more than my fair share. My only real issue with any of these tournaments is that the winner is not necessarily the best player so much as the person who has the most free time I’m winning at a very high Pace right now but I can’t keep up because I have a job

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I keep going back and forth between 300 and 400 medals. I’m doing this for the cash reward but I don’t think its very fun. Everyone has the same team so it just comes down to who gets the better team or who has faster fingers.

Everyone keeps saying it takes more skill to rank high in this tournament but its really just luck and endurance. Overall its pretty tedious.


The only things which bug me in the this tournament is the OP procera, it doesn’t belong in the epic rarity. And the heavy RNG factor you notice all the more without the bigger hitting and bulkier dinos we’re now used to in the Arena. Moat tournament battle I’ve played has been won or lost down to multiple 5% crits one way or the other or a missed stun (or 4). Some battles are really good and tactical then a 5% crit sort of ruins it.

Apart from that tournament is way better than arena. I think a fixed level no boost arena would be awesome as a seasonal tournament, 30 for a win 30 for a loss. Then leave the existing arena for grinding incubators, overall rank and missions.

I haven’t played in this one for reasons pp have mentioned, especially the unresolved speed tie issue (just make it RNG instead of server distance etc.)

I might have tried a few battles but really don’t want to spend 100 cash - not that much, true, but I’m minimizing what I spend on the game until mm and other serious issues are fixed.

That said, wishing everyone in the tournament the best of luck!

I agree with Procera being a little too powerful for an epic. I think if Yoshi wasn’t so fast, he’d actually be balanced for this tournament.

The only thing I have with this tournament is the same issue I have with the others - far too much battling is required to get anywhere near the top. I’d still prefer a limit of 10 battles or so per day.

That being said, it’s a LOT more fun than the arena.

For speed tie issue, why don’t they just make same speed creature really take action at the same time?

Meaning, while the animation would still show one after another, all the actions and calculations will count as they happen at the same time. That means there could be instances where the two creatures die together because they are inflicting damage to each other at the same moment.

Having a tooth removed with no pain relief is more fun than the current arena, so that’s not saying much really :rofl:

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