Tournament reward allocation time?

Does anyone know when the tournament rewards are going to be allocated?

For a complete guess tomorrow at some point.

I’m a bit worried. As I camped out for over a week to win the reward. Waiting without incubators running. I saw the clock run out and waited an extra 10mins before battling, which I quickly lost dropping me under 4250 again, as soon as the match finished a picture popped up saying that the tournament was over. I’ll loose my brain if I miss out on the epic incubator.

I was just under 4300 just before the tournament ended but didn’t realise till after it finished that I mite have got something if I didn’t battle I did battle and dropped to around 4200 . Fun times

That sucks. How did you not know the tournament was on though?

Because when I was playing there was a countdown on the news bit telling me when it finished and I remember it saying something like 20 mins left and I was just playing as normal and it wasn’t till it was done I read in the forum that I had been around the winning points. Oh well :grinning: