Tournament Rewards are out!

I saw younand some using Spinotasuchus. Is he strong? I have a good level but never use him. I find him not a fighter. Don’t you think?

it will be. once the superiority strike nerf goes into effect. but now there are many highly used dinos that can cleanse the DoT. and spinotauchus is faster than most so it hits first, so it will usually get cleansed before it has a chance to take effect.

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Are you using it though?

Got a nice one (18th) :

Only useful dna :heart_eyes:


no, but i might after ss nerf. i think mine’s only like lvl 18 right now, so it’d have to be like 4 levels higher before id use it.

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Finished 9th overall.


Best DNA I got:

Enough to fuse a whole 30 for my monomimus. Coins are appreciated though.

I can’t complain about something I got for playing as much as usually do, landin trophies at the range I was before the tournament.

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did you get 115k coins and 2600 cash as announced or did they change prizes 11-50 again? @MNBrian

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@CleverBoy Kindly explain me the difference of nerf and buff?

Still waiting for my reward :thinking:


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they are opposites.
buff = make stronger.
nerf = turn something into something spongy like nerf ball or weaken it

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Finally! Hahaha!! Thank you!

I like spinotasuchus a lot actually … but you do have to time the DOT right. There are still a lot of ways to counter it.
Another plus is it’s speed (competes with monomimus and pyrittator).
It’s done pretty well for me so far

Also a high leveled suchotator is pretty good too… may even be better than spinotasuchus due to a more diverse move set

My reward was a total joke. It was more insulting then helpful. As far as usable DNA, i recieved a total of 84 dna for rex.

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Finished top 500:

500 Brachi
1200 Cash
65K coin
4467 Dime 2
2025 Tric 2
337 Touji
326 Delta
235 Kent
162 Trex

Pleasantly surprised by the lack of Koolasuchus :grinning:

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Got what was announced exactly, which is good. No goal post changing

500 Brachiosaurus
2600 Cash
114526 Coins
836 Dimetrodon Gen 2
5452 Triceratops Gen 2
239 Dracorex
402 Arambourgiania
177 Spinosaurus Gen 2
208 Erlikosaurus

I Cry :cry: