Tournament rewards are out

Mines we not so good. Best was 223 for pyroraptor

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Each time I tried to claim it the game froze… But when I restarted I saw what I was supposed to get.

Considering I didn’t even get a reward at all during season 2 I’m happy.

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That’s a lot better than mine haha congrats

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I thought everyone who was 2500+ got something. I must have been wrong.

perfect incubator. Almost all creatures useful to me. I have posted a detailed post but it is pending review.


Clicked on mail and it hung twice. Restarted…

It’s like Christmas came early! First time, I am getting very dna on my wishlist and I actually want to use. :smile:


u got that 18x Allosino dna! thats awesome!! seriously better than those tons of dsungablabla…


I found the 3 megalosaurus dna entertaining.

Anyone else over 2500 get theirs yet? We are supposed to get a rare. Not much, but at least it is something.

Still waiting :confused:


its awesome how you can place higher than people, but their tournament reward destroys yours.
the couple dollars worth of cash and coins makes playing for 3 weeks at a high level worth it though.

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God… your green chicken has a better life than mine :sob:

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179 Bary made me smile, the rest not so good though. I’m definately not complaining, very appreciative :slightly_smiling_face:

Mine was all trash, but I can’t complain because I didn’t realize there was a tourney going on.

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Yes, rare incubator is also out. Mine was trash.

Very happy with my little incubator!! Thankya, Ludia!


I got monolophosaurus and Darwin bird as my epics, not bad