Tournament rewards are out


Omg I actually got something this time, a rare incubator… very cool


I only did a few battles, mostly for the battle incubators…lol


I always try to say the good and the bad things and the epic reward incubator tournament has been perfect for me:

2000 Dsungaripterus
14053 coins
5143 Euplocephalus (valuable for my tragodistis in the future)
930 Stegosauros (always valuable)
215 Triceratops (valuable for my Stegoceratops)
405 Dracorex (actually useless for me but I know they are valuable)
372 Baryonic (for me the great prize of the lottery that has allowed me to evolve a level my Tryostonix)



I wanted to thank ludia. Even my 6 and 9 year old got rewards (barely).

This was awesome. Thank you for expanding to be more inclusive.


I got a reward too, didn’t even do anything in the tournament lol.


Ack, Concavenator and Secondo. Lame…

Wait, i boycotted the last tourney, didnt have a single match… not 1.

Ok I feel better now :wink:

But still, concave and secondo? Jeesh, doesnt get much worse then that. Lol.


120 anky😊 and 200+ alanqa😣 for epics,
charlie and delta for rares😣
majunga, deinocheirus😁 for commons, forgot the rest was rubbish.
2600 cash


Glad I took this tourney recreationally. Rewards were decent, with minimal effort. 350 raja, 80 ourano, the rares I got dilopho and trex gen 2.


I did better out of the bottom level rewards than I expected to. Very pleased.


I recieved a rare incubator even though I finished up at 4503 trophies, pretty disappointed!


My rewards were nothing to brag about, but it was nice to be included.



My rewards from the tournament :