Tournament rewards here's mine


Not the best but free DNA yayy :slight_smile:





Here is mine, nothing.


How though? :’)
You ended at place 50 and get top 10 rewards? xD


I got the number 51 rewards, since I fell out of the top 50 for exactly a couple of minutes because threehairsleft made it in 2 sec before.
If there was a purge, I would have gotten top 50 rewards, which means no one got purged @Neodeadalus


There must of been I was playing after the tournament stopped and I dropped to 88th logged out for a bit to help the wife came back and I was 40th without playing at all. @afbakappeltaart


Yes, but thats because everyone that stopped playing to stay safe started battling again after it ended.
Some fell out again quite quickly after, so we climbed back up again a bit.


Hey DPG members, our team made an announcement about the issue for the tournament rewards today. Take a look at this thread here for more information: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Tournament Rewards Ruckus


And the rich get richer


Well, in my case I was hoping to get a bit more rich as a reward for hours of grinding without buying incubators.
I might be wrong about the context of your reply, but I wasnt exactly rich before the tournament nor am I now :sweat_smile:


I got same reward of coins and cash than killa, ended like 12,15 didnt remember, i was waiting like half the reward but not bad this issue xd


Sorry that the 51 was you. There must be a delay in the standings since I started my last game with 12min left and there was still 2min 30 on the tournament timer when I won and jumped to 44. Didn’t think I’d be the last person to make the jump.


Well, I’m not really blaming you for it.
But if the switch to 6-50 has been announced I would have battled again somewhere before to make it, but since the only difference would be 500 Blue DNA at first, I didnt bother and things ended this way :confused:
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