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Tournament rewards reaching trophies not staying in trophies


I think it would be bether that the rewards of the tournament should count when you reach the trophies and if you downgrade on the trophies shouldn’t affect on the reward, and so if you get a new range of trohpie reward we should immediatly secure the reward. This will ensure that the people continue playing and make more fun the tournaments


Love this idea. I’d keep battling if something like this was in place.

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That’s such a simple idea that would help a tremendous amount. Top 500 is still determined by final ranking but you get the reward associated with 2500, 4500,4750 and over 5k if you reached that high in the tournament.


I think there should be 500 trophy increments where once you hit that number you can’t go lower no matter what.


just one reward the highest one


Yeah, my ‘and’ should have been an ‘or’ in those numbers - not suggesting you should get a reward for each reward level you pass - just a great idea to keep people battling if their reward was based on their highest achieved trophy count (outside of top 500)


This wouldn’t work because a bunch of people would get top 10 rewards just for peeking into a top 10 spot briefly before getting smacked out of it. You gotta fight to earn rewards. Everything can’t be so easy. I think your idea would actually make people battle less because there’s no incentive to work hard to maintain a high rank. Just get there once and be rewarded. No thanks.


yeah maybe not, what it’s your suggestion?


Top 500 ranking is still top 500 ranking at the final buzzer - just the rest get their prize based on highest count they got to. So if you hit 4750, you don’t have to stop and camp the last couple of days, you can still try for 5k, and over 5k can keep trying for a spot. It would keep players playing instead of camping. I think it would work great.


I don’t have a suggestion for this because you should be rewarded for the spot you end the tournament at.


Yeah that’s would be the idea, and so maybe would we get more human encounters

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Just don’t have it apply to the top 500 like dactyl said.