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Tournament Rewards Revealed: The Push for Tier 9

In ARK we’ve received many questions around the tournament, it’s benefits to players, and the most common one frequently asked is, "Why should my team push for Tier 9 rewards?"

Below is a chart detailing the rewards from level 1 through level 20.. Yes, we know a level 1 is not likely to participate in the tournament as there is a requirement to be in Badlands to participate, however, it’s always nice to show the progression for you number nerds :nerd_face: out there.


(For Level 20s, if you are not a level 20 use the table above to calculate your reward at level)

  1. The jump in rewards between tier 8 to tier 9 is a 60% increase. For example, this gives you an additional 150 Unique DNA.


  1. Achieving tier 9 will allow you to unlock a unique dinosaur and gain a free level with that massive 400 DNA gain.
  1. In months with five tournaments, a push to close the120k in the medals gap from tier 8 to tier 9 is achievable by active strong teams with arena trophies above 4,000, given the additional tournament. So take advantage of that and push for the extra DNA.

Changes may occur with the T10 always being aimed for, and not one has yet to see its rewards. Will this be it’s first or will there be a change with coming update…for now, this is what the ARK has for you.

Yours truly DinoL3o :cat:

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Thanks for the breakdown DL, I’m sharing this with my team to see if we can push for tier 9. We achieved rank 8 in the Tenontorex championship. I feel had some of my team battled and tried more than just participation bonus we could’ve done it.

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