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Tournament rewards upset due to change in scoring system

O would like to raise the fact, that Ludia changed the scoring system half way through a month long tournament, with the anniversary rewards, this has seriously impacted on a lot of teams on their rewards for the month every season for a week 5 we would always get teir 9 this month we are getting teir 8, it also shows in the leader board, currently oy 7 teams set to make the teir 10 rewards.

This has come about because of the change in scoring system half way though with no notice as well. This seems highly unfair, also it’s extra rewards with an anniversary special as well.

Will this be addressed by Ludia

yeah usually there are like 20 alliance that will reach tier 10 but only 10 make it

It was a very poor decision to implement this trial mid championship and more so on the anniversary championship with extra rewards.


The only explanation is as players see is so that it limits the amount of free stuff handed out. Why give boost to 1000 people when you can do 100. Just some made up numbers but you get what I’m saying.

All incubator tiers should be raised by a level, or those who barely missed it should be given it, or a small compensation package sent to everyone who fell short of their typical standings.

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I’m really surprised there isn’t more outrage over this. They broke week 3 and pulled down the servers to limit even more rewards. These guys are a sham of late.


I’m kinda miffed as well. My alliance was so close to reaching tier 6. Be a good will gesture (and jsut the right thing to do) If ludia bumped everyone up a rank.

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Oh my alliance is outraged alright :joy::joy:



And you should be. You’d definitely be higher if they didn’t make their week 3 changes…

Probably because it’s Tenonto, which all of the top tier / middle-grade players already have at level 30. If this had been for Compycaulus, I guarantee there’d be mayhem over it.

Ouch not nice

You all can hate me for this BUT, i think its actually nice to see that only the most dedicated players got to Tier10 rewards. It shows a bit more wich alliances are really dedicated.

Anyways, hope you guys get compensated but then I expect a little extra on top of our tier10 rewards aswell :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We reached T10 but I still think it’s unfair to the community.

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We reached Tier 10, and one of the prizes I wanted from the whole mess was taken away from us. Our stacks of 40 Food Interactive and Play, went poof.

The issue wasn’t that they didn’t work for it, though. It was that Ludia screwed up their opportunities to get it. Big difference.