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Tournament S-DNA glitch

So, the tournament keeps glitching and I keep getting S-DNA every few hours for reaching dominator league, but I never even reached dominator league. I don’t mind the free S-DNA, but this is a glitch, so of course I need to share this.

I had this glitch a few months ago, but I don’t know when it was fixed

I’ve seen that too, but why do you mention it???
Now they are going to correct it.


Maybe if we be good, they will give us buck trades back. XD

They won’t fix it. I’ve been complaining for months.
It tells me that I’ve reached dominator league while still in hunter league and it will pair me up with a level 35 Indominus Rex. WHILE IN HUNTER LEAGUE. Super annoying.

Welcome to the forums @Dxu604 It is working as intended, if you can take a screen shot of the team you are bringing to the match and at what level I can help explain why you are getting the matchup you are getting. Or if you watch any of my tournament videos on YouTube they will detail out approximate teams needed at various levels.

Around level 88 in predator you need to bring a team with somewhere around 2,000 Average Ferocity Score (AFS) if your team are all creatures around the same strength level. This is typically around creatures such as level 20 (tournament, SR Hybrids) or level 30 Legendary. Essentially creatures that have around 1100 health and 400 attack.


But it keeps pairing me with opponents that have creatures with 3000+ health and 1000+ attack

Can you screen shot the match up with the level of the battle? Like this:

this is not from the tournament but just an example.

I thought I had replied but I don’t see my reply. This is Hunter League. Hopefully this one works!

I sometimes get nasty match ups like that. I would always start herby, carny then bird with that line up that you were using and let the herby asborb as many attacks as possible without defending to build up some turns. The carny can then attack and defend as it needs to to get past the next 2. The bird I leave to last unless it suits me to swap during the match because it cant take a hit.

The way I do my lineups is either meat shield, than whatever will have class advantage over what has advantage over my MS (if I use an herbivore for instance, follow with an amphi) and then typically a carnivore, but could be a ptero. Alternatively I do carnivore MS, ptero and then carnivore… since most players are carnivore-heavy and pairing with the ptero to handle any amphis. My highest attack would never be in the first spot (at least in a match where the AI is going to pair up against what I bring). The goal is to try and get 4 points reserved off your meat shield (if you can absorb a 2-point attack this is 100% possible, if only 1, you can sometimes get it, sometimes only 2 points) and then be well lined up with the right classes to take out what’s left. You want to as little as possible be attacking when you don’t know if the AI has blocked or reserved, so using the first dino as a meat shield will help with this. Learning your attack multipliers is also essential to handling tough battles to make sure you don’t waste a single point in blocking. @Sionsith has been doing a nice series of YouTube videos that helps with battle strategy, have you checked those out? It takes practice and time, I got frustrated a lot myself early on, but now I often win battles that seem completely unwinnable when I first started playing (and even now I sometimes think I’ve lost a match but don’t quit like I used to and sometimes surprise myself!)

There’s lots of other old threads on this forum about battle strategies, this is certainly a tough lineup on the other side, but with a different lineup on yours (same ferocities) would be absolutely winnable.

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That is a difficult mathc up but not impossible and not totally out of line your team has an AFS of 3444 and your opponent has 4926 giving you a 43% disadvantage. That is a rough match up for Hunter but not out of line for Predator. If I got that match up I would do some similar moves to what @Mary_Jo has laid out. I would have done the following:
Reserve 1
Opponent would have most likely switched to the Ostaposaurus, and might have attacked or done nothing.
I would then switch to my Pteranodon and reserved 1 or 2 based on if the opponent attacked the first round.
The opponent would then either switch to the Metra or the Apatosaurus. either way at this pont you should be 2-3 points ahead of the opponent and might have to sacrafice your shunosaurus depending on what has taken place. But this match is totally winnable.

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