Tournament scores not updating where a member has switched alliances

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Bug Description: Recently joined members tournament scores are not counting toward the alliance total

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug: swap from one alliance to another. Then enter tournamant
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How often does it happen: related to the sanctuary bug

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First Identified On: 1/26/2022

Issue: Medals are not being added towards the alliance tally and alliance membership status puts players in limbo

Affects: Multiple alliances multiple players

Summary: Player A leaves his alliance to share the CoOp sanctuary and return to their alliance. When returning to the alliance they notice instability in their alliance status.

Today when participating in tournaments these same members realize their medals are not being added towards the total.

The player also reports instability of their status in the alliance, it shows they are in the alliance to everyone else but to the player it shows they are now outside, unable to see alliance missions or request DNA.

After a few reboots or allowing time to pass they are able to once again see the information but the medals earned are still not showing up, even when additional medals are earned.

Impact: Critical as it affects AC rewards for many.

Interesting fact: The instability of the alliance page was not an issue the day of the update it became an issue a day later.

Escalation Path: Courtesy escalation in the forum as this has been escalated via other methods. Players are being asked to file tickets with support.

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whoa coooooool

Hello UntouchablesJay and ARK! We’re currently looking into different issues related to Alliances as mentioned here:

If you haven’t already, please consider emailing our team at to help them investigate further.

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Wonder if they closed the loophole for having over 50 people do tournament to get maximum tourny scores then ie top 50 maximum scores from over 80 accounts and managed to damage the sanc sharing by accident

There is no loophole.
The whole design of the tournament and only the top 50 scores counting over the entire tournament, allows alliances to recruit new members throughout the tournament.
A player whose recruited a week into the tournament cycle can still make the top 50 scorers.
Those members scores and contributions to an alliances missions should start as soon as they join, not some random period after, this bug means they don’t.

It affects all alliances who need recruits and players seeking a new alliance.


Yeah, the problem there is not the top 50 scores counting, it’s that an unlimited number of people can jump in after the championship ends and collect rewards they played no part in earning.

Well this bug essentially stops that.
In the greater scheme of things those people are only earning an extra 100 to 150 unique dna, and thats for level 20 players.
In times past I’ve swapped to a friends alliance to help them with hitting higher mission rewards.

If its so gamebreaking, pay rewards based on contribution, do all tournament rounds in the same alliance and you earn 100% , do none and you earn nothing.
With weeklies maybe reward as a percentage of whats actually contributed to an alliance.

Also, speaking of fairness
As iOS user, I’m at a disadvantage compared to Android players as the Tapjoy HC rewards for iOS are inferior.
Now apex dna is being sold in the shop for HC, coin offers are also paid for in HC, which gives Android tapjoy players a huge advantage over iOS players.

Anyway not wanting to get off subject, but these new bugs affect just about everyone, we can’t recruit and have the player scoring or contributing, we can’t build or link level 20s efficiently anymore. New members can’t see missions, or see sanctuarys.
Who know whats going to happen with rewards at resets.
Ludia broke it, now they need to fix it.