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Tournament season 5


So with the next tournament here today are u all prepared to battle like crazy for the next two weeks. Do you think the following will still happen.

1.battles will still be unfairly matched
2 cheaters will still be around
3.battles still freezing so you end up losing?

You would think that by now they would of sorted these issues out instead of forcing us once again to participate in something we would rather not…

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I have no interest in the tournaments so I don’t battle. I concentrate on the aspects of the game I like.


this JUST IN! there wilL be A spoofeR in a SpOt arouNd 25 or so. don’t worry, he’ll tell you where he is through the tournament.


You can be sarcastic all you want…

Whatever makes u happy :blush:


It does. But otherwise, as far as cheaters go, the problem with a game like this is the massive datasets involved. The way to work around this is to have the client actually flag the cheater so a much smaller dataset can be looked at (just the cheaters data). As far as I can see, from looking at the apks, is there is no real client side spoof detection. Without that, I can only assume there is no actual real attempt to catch cheaters. So expect it to continue until a teardown of the APK indicates anti cheat detection added.


U lookin at the same APK as me? That’s a comical take… :smiley:


Gotta love it! This next tournament is definitely too soon but at same time erliko DNA reward!!! Anyone who doesn’t already have high lvl erlidom is obviously going to go H.A.M. for that DNA while putting up with the heinous battle speed glitches multiple indom totting bots etc. Gotta give ludia a bit of cred for their evil genius! I’m just happy got my unique count up to 6 b4 it so hopefully get a decent hoard of erliko! :grin:


The detection inside the current APK is simply 2 hour cooldown, as far as I can tell. I’m not sure what you’re seeing as far as spoof detection, but I saw no routine to take current position vs last seen position and actually detect if travel that far is possible.


Has any one heard of unintended consequences?

Haven’t y’all noticed that there are more bugs since LUDIA began to move against the speakers?

Haven’t we noticed that this next update is borderline over due?

Do you want to know why the spawns have moved further apart and are fewer?

Why were they allowed to do things that broke the rules? Because it put pressure on people to spend.

And they did spend. Now that more and more legit players are making top rank the should close in on them.

Why is there a tourney going on right now?

Just saying if you look at the whole picture. …

If you want to know how 1 + 1 =7 it might be wise to look for the other 1s


I’ll just let this end here as it’s counter-productive to point out things people aren’t seeing when it should benefit us by getting rid of more spoofers.


Fair enough I’m not saying I’m an expert but I don’t see anything that does any real checking for spoofers outside a check to see x amount of time has passed, no matter if in a certain window there is no possible way for a person to travel x amount of distance.


Doesnt it make it worse that its there and not being acted upon then it not being there…

If it wasnt there one could hope it could be added in the future to fix the problem… what your saying is they have the data and simply arent acting upon it.


I just mean it’s more than a timestamp. hopefully next release has even more.