Tournament season and non-seasonal leaderboard should be separated


Tournament season is all Dino level should be reseted to with same level ( Do not reset to same Trophies(like 3500 )
After the end of the season the Dino level is collected to non-seasonal Dino level

This is fair play game right?

For now New player can’t be win the game in tournament season NOT FAIR to play ??

sorry for my English :wink:


Well if you give back to all server the money invested in those dinos i agree whit you lol xd


Don’t worry for the money invested in season since finally it will collection in Dino level in non-seasonal (in the end of each season)You can see this solution in Diablo3(for example)


Why would Ludia do that? Nobody will upgrade their dinos and nobody will buy any coins :roll_eyes:


@sansiro let’s make an example (I suppose you like italian football? :yum: )

Would it be fair to prevent every player from training as he wants every day? So everyone can have the same preparation.
But even in this case, having the dinosaurs at the same level, but I peach out of the hat the Cristiano Ronaldo of the dinosaurs and you cannot yet unlock him but it happens to you, I don’t know, Pelé, good dino but old and slow, will win anyway who has the fastest dinosaur with the strongest attack.

The tournament is not for everyone, not even for me that I play since the game is online, but I’m standing still in Sorna Marshes because I am not able to create the most powerful dinosaurs.
Ludia has created the seasonal tournament to make people compete and be more willing to invest their resources (time and / or money) to race. :wink: