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Tournament should be renamed to “RNG based tournament “

Is anyone there out there tired of RNG not working on your favor all the time?!! I don’t mind losing but it bothers me to lose most of the time to crits, stunts not working on my favor, and enemy dodging my attacks 90% of the time and then my dino never seems to dodge a single attack !! So for all these reasons I don’t believe this tournament is about any skill at all, instead is based on pure luck or if you prefer you can call it “RNG” …


You didn’t pay enough for your RNG to activate :smiling_imp:


Where have you been over the last year? RNG has always decided the matches.


I agree. Especially with everyone having the same dinos. Heavily rng and free time based. However, its a good idea and tourney. And it seems to be intact much more than the previous ones. I have bad rng luck too xD


If you don’t overly rely on it… It tends to work in your favor

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With dinos pretty much all the same and the same level that’s what you have. I’m not sure why anyone reasonably expected anything else. This is why I argued this was a bad idea for the main tourney but a fine idea as a side tourney.


This tournament has been ok but not as fun as the last. It has been oddly lopsided from a RNG perspective for me as well but thats the game


Due to the imbalance and boosts, I am boycotting the tournament. It would be a waste of my time

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