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Tournament sitting squad


Well… I personally am sick of the current meta and decided to take a break and sit through the madness till next patch hits, hopefully with some very needed nerfs (and buffs).

Just like the last tournament, I won’t be able to break the 5000 mark, so I decided not to bother anymore.

How about you? Will you sit as well, keep punching and kicking till the very end or call quits near the end?

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I decided i hit my goal yesterday and also am sitting the rest of this tourney out… i play arena alot so taking a break for the first time should be a good thing.


Yeah, I also noticed that for the first time I am actively raging about the tournament to the point I believe it is not healthy for me, something I have not done before.

So I am with you calling the break for the first time ever.

May I ask what was your goal that you achieved? I am curious :slight_smile:


4500… hit it for the first time yesterday. Not sure if i can stay there or not so i gave it some thought. Then decided a nice break and maybe ill be excited come 1.6

Current goal Im working on is getting all my brawlers 300+ trophies in brawl stars before 1.6 hits


That’s really nice, especially because at 4500 you get double the Erlikosaurus DNA than the previous reward tier.


Yeah and a solid rng streak took me up there… so i know a rng streak is going to take me back down. Im just going to hold off on my tumble back down to 4300 where i normally reside lol.

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Yeah, yesterday I have been bashed all the way back to 4270 trophy range because nothing on my RNG worked while the enemy had everything for their favor.

So then RNGesus smiled upon me and now I could climb as high as this. Not gonna ruin my luck, lol.


I thought they changed the reward system to be based on the highest trophy count you achieved durring a tourney?

Since tourney trophies are not your “real” trophy count, it shouldnt matter if you fall, you should still be rewarded on the highest score achieved.

Has it not gone live yet?


i dont think so. that was in the recent survey after the tourney started i believe.


This ^

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I’m probably going to break 3k Throphys then call it quits, im at 2.9k Throphys right now.


Got lucky at the beginning of the tournament and reached 4.5K, sitting since then. Just playing friendly battles… :confused:


Yeah, I am doing frendlies as well. So fun to mess around with other dinosaurs other than the exact same eigth over and over.

For example, we did a pretty fun match with @PQC only using commons. Was a breath of fresh air!


The question in the survey was if we wanted them to work on that before they work on the new tournaments that will go along side the seasonal pvp. So they havent started on making that happen yet. My guess is it wont be till 1.7 unless they decide to do a 1.6.x


I dropped way down right before the tourney started, I’ll climb as high as I can get and sit it out once the losing streak hits.


I’m hoping to get over 5k and maybe set a new record for myself. Highest I’ve been is a 5017 so I feel I have to at least try. I will be collecting kindling and sharpening sticks for marshmallows soon hopefully. Was facing teams that were way higher than mine last night so that was interesting.


I also know that I won’t get above 5000, but I honestly can’t stand all those empty incubator spots. Especially when I am due a 24 hour again soon. As long as I stay above 4500 I’ll be happy. I ended at 4750 last tourney so unfortunately the next level isn’t achievable right now. I’ll probably hoard any 12 hr and 24 hour I get so I can just camp the weekend before it’s over so I don’t stress about it.


My last battle of the night gave me the 24 and not sure if I can fill the slots again. It was a nice end to the anxiety peeked evening lol. Good luck to you :smiley:

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For the first time in my JWA experience I’m not battling at all. Was at 4090 at the beginning, battled once and then I’ve sat out. I miss my incubators, but I’m doing other things with my time. Last season was far to stressful and made me want to rage quit the game more than once.


I ended the last tournament at 4,947 trophies and just reached 4,996 (rank 469) today. Taking a break for a little while, but not too long… I like battling and want to get my incubators. Of course, I’ll go for 5,000 this time - and maybe even top 500 (if I camped right now I would fall off the LB in a couple of days).

Whatever your goal, I wish you luck - nothing wrong with camping either (and much less stress)!


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